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Hi @ZforexCM ,

May I please draw your attention to this post?

Several of us are most interested in seeing an answer.

I understand that members of at least one other forum are also now watching the thread concerned with interest.

Thanks in advance!

whenever you have time, ZforexCM, please be kind enough to reply to the questions about your company asked here, .

i see people in other forums are now asking the same thing, too?

you’ve certainly aroused a lot of curiosity! :grinning:

you surely wouldn’t want people imagining that you’d made an untruthful claim about your company, in writing? so please explain by whom you’re regulated, as it was clearly so important to you to state that you are. thank you!! :slight_smile:

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Hi @ZforexCM

Please could you reply to the question here about your company, and not just ignore all the people asking?

There seem to be at least 4 different people asking you exactly the same thing, now.

A reply of some kind, even if it’s just to say “Sorry, I made a mistake, we’re not regulated after all”, would be much appreciated. I’m sure it would stop the questions, too! :slight_smile:

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please reply to Pipsteroid’s post above, @ZforexCM

more and more people in more forums are now asking you by whom you’re regulated

potential customers are surely entitled to know this?

please respond

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