Damiani volatmeter

i’ve found this interesting indicator, it measures the volatility of the chart but i’ve searched everywhere (even in the maker’s website) but there isn’t any explanation how to use this exactly, sometimes it show’s “DO NOT TRADE” and “TRADE atr …” with number on it, if anyone knows how to use it, i will be very gratefull thanx:)

i tried to post the link, but apparently i can’t do it yet since i haven’t reached 5 posts

Remove it, look at the chart, if you see lots of spikey candles and no real price movement don’t trade, when you see the price moving in the same direction for longer periods and candles are less spikey, then it’s time to trade, learning how to read a chart in this manner will benefit you more than your indicator ever will.

Thank you purple, just wondering what is it
I might be better learning price action instead thanx for thr advice:)