DDOS attack affects MyFXOpen Area

Dear Clients

Due to a malicious DDOS attack against our websites, the MYFXOpen Area may be unavailable or produce an error when attempting to log in.

Our IT department is working hard on a solution and we hope to restore full functionality in the MYFXOpen Area as soon as possible.

MT4 trading is unaffected by this outage.

[B]FXOpen under massive DDOS attack[/B]

FXOpen is currently experiencing the largest DDOS attack in the company’s history which has seriously affected website operations.

We fully realise how much of an inconvenience this is. FXOpen’s website is attacked on average 4-5 times a month and for the last few years, the attacks have not affected us until this latest attack of unprecedented scale.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through the solutions and install additional redundancy to protect against future attacks such as this one.

Jafar Calley
FXOpen Client Relations

Since late last week, FXOpen has been under attack by the biggest DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attack seen in the company’s history.

The attack that originates in Russia, but uses botnets from around the world is currently abusing the websites with over 100million connections per day and rising. No web server can handle that much information without interruptions and despite having the best DDOS protection in a large server cluster, FXOpen’s websites are currently inaccessible however, trading via the MT4 terminal is completely unaffected.

On Friday, I spoke to the “hacker” who goes by the name of Ivan Ivanov of Khabarovsk, Russia and he demanded $5,000 to stop the attack. His demand has since risen to $15,000.

The attack was ordered by FXOpen’s Russian competitors (according to Ivanov). This kind of criminal activity highlights the need for vigilance when dealing with Russian Forex companies who may also be involved in money laundering, mafia and terrorism.

FXOpen’s IT team is working around the clock to find a solution and we hope some website functionality will return soon.

FXOpen IT department has made some progress in combating the DDOS attack.

Most website functions may now be accessed via your local IB website.

Unfortunately, I cannot post links to help you on this forum, but you can find links to working website functions on other forex related forums with FXOpen threads.

Can I suggest you build something like what is described in this article here. They describe how a DDOS attack was never able to make even the smallest of dents and the attacker gave up in less than an hour!

You guys will be the AMAZON of FX brokers so might as well act like it :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

We have had in place for several years, a large server cluster and other devices which for several years have succesfully fended off the 4-5 attacks we get every month. This attack was much larger than we could ever have imagined involving large botnets of infected PCs on every continent of the globe.

After this attack, we will be even stronger, not quite Amazon strong, but able to survive even the most dastardly of attacks in the future.

Now if you can just grandfather in current US residents so it’s business as usual… I will be happy for life :wink:

What do you mean by “Grandfather in”? :slight_smile:

We are bouncing from forum to forum :slight_smile:

My biggest fear is that once all the smoke clears, your legal team says you have to drop all US resident clients and I get an email stating I have X amount of days to wind down my trades and I’m left looking for another broker.

Grandfathered” in meaning I am exempt from all the new changes and it is business as usual – yet going forward no more US residents.

my account no with fxopen is 324422
i made a transfer of 10012$ from my Libertyreserve account still it is in pending
pls see below the confirmation report when U will approve that

Your transfer was successful! Thank you for choosing Liberty Reserve!

Payment Mode Account

Date 03/23/2011 05:01

Batch 57804780

From U2734505 (singaravelu amirt…)

To U8888 (FXOpen)

Amount $10,012.00

Hi Kandavel

If it is not on your account, please log in to the MyFXOpen area of one of our IB partner sites and submit a notice of payment for Liberty Reserve. This will alert the finance department and they will check for your transfer in our LR account.

I’m sorry, I cannot give you a link to a partner cabinet here because of forum rules so you will need to find it out for yourself. :frowning: Do a google search for “fxfrench” and you will find the link to the fxfrench IB site for fxopen.

DDOS Update: FXOpen Wins!

I’m quite pleased to say that despite the attack continuing and getting even stronger, FXOpen’s web servers continue to operate uninterrupted by any and all attacks against them.

FXOpen’s IT department worked round the clock while the attack of last week was in progress. The result is that FXOpen’s web servers are now stronger than ever, able to withstand enormous attacks.

Thanks to all those who showed great patience while FXOpen’s IT went to war with the hackers!

thanks for your reply,i submited a notice of payment for Liberty Reserve &the amount got credited immediately
one more thing i like to discuss, i introdused some clients on my referal link for some of them withdrawal thro LR is pending for morethan 4-5 days after giving confirmation email &for some of them internal transfer of fund to their additional account is pending more than a day how to solve the problems.
they have sent plenty of emails to fx open manager &finance but their reply is to contact livechat but if we try for live chat
it is indicating all the lines are busy how to proceed further

Hi. It is obvious some lines of communication are getting crossed there. Payments are supposed to be processed within 48 hours at the most. Ask your clients to email me directly <[email protected]> and I will see to it that their problems are solved.

Good to hear! I did find one problem with the website still… I was trying to download AutoGraf 4 and the link appears to be dead. Maybe this is not because of DDOS attack…

I tried the link and it works ok. Unfortunately I cannot give you the link nor can I attach the file I downloaded. Perhaps you can send me an email to <[email protected]> and I’d be happy to send it to you via email if the link is still not working for you.

Dear Clients.

We are currently experiencing a large DDOS attack on our web servers. As usual, normal trading via our MT4 servers is unaffected.

Our IT department is working on the problem and we should resume normal service within 2 hours.

Thank you for your patience.

Are you under attack again???

We are not affected by any DDOS attacks at the moment.