Dealing Desk or STP ECN broker to choose?

Those of you who have ‘real’ insight, please comment on my opinion below.
I am studying at BabyPips School and (I am a new kid in FX but old bro in business)

I suppose the STP ECN broker is a better choice, because Dealing Desk brokers match their client’s orders first. If there is a trend or unexpected market move, all their clients will go one direction and they cannot match them any more so they have to go out to get liquidity. On the other hand, ECNs already work with a much wider clientele and would close orders and find matches faster. This way my risk factor that my order would not be fulfilled is much lower.

Am I right with this above conclusion?
Tnx, Zoltan

See the other thread about Slippage … at end of day there are pro’s and cons with both but ECN is the better option IMO … you are pretty much guaranteed more slippage at ECN, but the spreads are much lower and you will never run into issues withdrawing your profits etc if they are true ECN

Thanks JayTee!
Unfortunatelly some say they are ECNs but they’re only “ECN by affiliation”, which is not the same.
I just cannot find an authority that states that this one is DD, that one is STP etc…

I do not think that the Dealing Desk is a good choice. Usually the brokers who have DD trade against their clients. There is a conflict of interests in this case and in my opinion they are not trustworthy. On the contrary, STP/ECN type of brokers usually act solely as intermediary and direct the client’s orders straight to the market without any hidden costs. I know that there are a lot of complaints from DD brokers, most traders claim that they are scammers and manipulate the orders. So be careful and good luck!

As the others, I would suggest to do not use DD Brokers (based in my own experience). I know that every single Broker get money from us but this is worse in terms of DD as they are just trading against us and getting money with our losses. For me, a broker like that is highly risky as obviously it does exist a conflict of interest and they could do anything for you to lose your money (and its not the first time that this happen).

Guys help me out im a beginner and im looke for a good ECN broker

Dealing Desk

Any style has its strengths and weaknesses. However, you should choose No dealing desk. Because the meaning of dealing desk is market marker, no one would fight the market marker.
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In my opinion, You should go for an ECN broker as they provide raw market spreads. There are no hidden prices or re-quotes, you get best market prices and instant execution. ECN brokers are better for trade than market makers or dealing desk.

If you make fast profits with special trading technics I experienced two times that so called ECN NDD brokers are often not really ECN brokers who just hand over your order to the liquidity provider- they have access to your account and can manipulate it- in my case they slowed suddenly down the order execution to sabotage my trading. So I would check thoroughly wether so called ECN brokers are really ECN brokers

Don’t fool yourself with all these fancy names, They all are Dealing desk or Market Maker brokers. and you always trade in their platform, your broker is always counterparty in your trade, try to read your Broker’s Risk Discloser Notice, you’ll get to know that you always trade against your broker and infect your not even buying and selling your just speculating or betting against fluctuation of prices.
It is kind of scary and hard to swallow but its dark reality of Forex.
If you win, your broker loose and if you loose your broker wins.