Demo acct. expectations & questions

Hello - been on a demo account (a 50k acct, against some folks advice - I’ll switch to a 500, when I have at least some knowledge), but I am simply trying to understand terminology and how it works.

Technically - does a demo account typically have ALL the features of a real account - and are all these features active? (you know how some demo stuff - will give only partial functionality)

Questions/Concerns - Yesterday I opened a limit order (sorry have no numbers) But I was going long - and the candle went above and below my limit - and it never got filled? Is this typical - don’t know why it wouldn’t have been filled?

Also a question on scalping - I’ve been following TRO’s concept- although I don’t SEE it yet, I think I might be on the verge - - – but for some reason I am intrigued by 1 minute candles -

Is a 1 minute candle to restrictive (to short of time frame) for someone who is a scalper?

Depending on the broker the limit order may work a little differently. But, usually with a limit order you are saying fill as this price and this price only. So, if it zooms past it either way you won’t get a fill.

I got confused on order types when going from one broker to the next, when trying demo’s. One broker had a limit order set at, “fill at this price and this price only,” and another one had it set at, “fill at this price or better.” They both called them limit orders, but they worked tottally different. Whatever broker you are using for your demo make sure to read on how their order types work and are filled.

With IBFX I have to use a sell stop or a buy stop to do what I want. Which is fill when it hits a certain price or better.

yeah, MT4 has similar Buy Stop, Buy Limit, Sell stop, and sell limites for orders that you are postponing. I have found that I usually goole the term and investopedia leads me in the right direction. For instance a buy stop indicates that I want to buy a pair at something higher than it already is at.

My experience with MT4 with an ODL account is that its usually that number or better (higher in this case)