Did loosing necessary in forex for learning!

I had noticed as well as experience lots of example of loosing money into forex market by certain reasons that may be like Poor MM, Emotions like Greed and fear, Over- trading, High lot size and many other but sometime when we are playing with a game plan and following all basic steps of Forex market, still fall in trap of loss.
So, i want to know that did loss is main step to learn in forex trading without facing such phase, did we not emerge out as winner??
One more thing, i want to know how much ideal loss can a trader will leads to learn??
Hope you fellow member give my question answer by best of your knowledge and experience so that others also benefited who had same question like me?

I am a newbie myself but i guess that it depends on the personality of each trader.

Maybe traders with more experience can shed some light on it.

You can try to trade at a higher high frame, such as daily+.

A trader will probably lose the most money during the early learning phase. So minimise your losses by trading micro-lots.

if a trader will lose the money during early learning phase to whats steps take the traders that he did not lose his money in the starting

if trader is a new trader and have no expirence then what do u say

I don’t think, loss is necessary in forex trading to learn forex. If you practice with demo then you can learn without loosing a penny.

Even people with gazillion hours of experience blow up their accounts, so don’t loose patience.

speakin of blowing account/loosing, in my opinion it really depends, it can be a turning point for people, where some QUITE trading and others (such as my self) become more eager to learn :slight_smile: but its better to be ready and avoid loosing ofcourse, with all the given tips and options to learn, hopefully newcommers can avoid falling in to the same mistakes people in the past made :slight_smile: best of luck my friend and stick to demo and minimicro accounts :smiley:

In my opinion - it is not necessary, you can trade only in profit, but it is forex market - the price is changes every moment.

Did you use an electronic translator to make this post? That subject title sure is painful.

I think almost everyone does lose some money when they begin trading. But be wary of the idea that losing is a necessary or helpful part of the learning curve. That’s self-destructive thinking.

I lost three trading accounts over a two year period when I started learning to trade Forex Markets. It really does take time to get down to the basics, and cover all the essential material with actual practical experience.