Did the Assault Weapons Ban Slow the Acceleration of Mass Shootings?

That’s quite ironic. But yes in this case that is true, at least as I see it.


I don;t understand your point? You are pro exploitation?

I don’t think the question is the end goal but rather the means to that end.

Oh I think you understand just fine. You are not stupid !

You just don’t like the comparison.

But I think others who have read your previous posts will :slight_smile:

Looks like there is definitive proof that gun control works.

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full eposide

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Fascinating statistics on guns bob. Sort of thing that should destroy the firearms ban campaign before it gets another day older. But sadly, facts are not always what activists. journalists and politicians are interested in.


Personally, I don’t get this whole right to bare arms mumbo jumbo. My belief is the size of ones gun is inversely proportional to the size of ones

But I do believe guns don’t kill people. Focus on the ownership debate won’t solve the cultural aspect, which is were the real debate needs to heads. Maybe the good old US of A needs to put a 5 km exclusion zone for bees around their high schools.

The Gun and Knife Show in Greensboro, North Carolina, is an annual event. At least it has been in recent years. But this month, the Greensboro City Council, in an over-zealous attempt to be politically correct, scheduled a public meeting to discuss whether to cancel the event.

Mark Robinson, a resident of Greensboro, had decided the time was right to buy a gun for self protection against rising gang violence in his city. And he planned to attend the Gun and Knife Show to make his purchase. Then he heard the plans of the City Council to have a debate on cancelling the Show. He decided to attend the City Council meeting, and register to speak on the subject.

Speaking from the heart, without notes, Mark Robinson unloaded on the liberal mindset that blames law-abiding citizens for the misdeeds of criminals. His speech is worth a listen –

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We have a generation of youngsters now (and some of the previous generation) who are offended by everything.
Thats bad enough when all they do is whinge on social media about it, but when they can easily get their hands on guns and rifles to take revenge on school colleagues/teachers/whoever else may have offended them, then its a serious problem

Criminals will always find a way to get guns if they want them, a ban would only make a slight difference to them. But a ban might cut down on killings by otherwise law abiding citizens

It would be vital (but also pretty much impossible) to have statistics for the beneficial effects of gun ownership by private citizens.

As a basic example, I understand that burglaries of houses in many parts of the US while the occupants are at home are very rare compared to the UK. Obviously, the probability of a gun being available in the house in one jurisdiction and not the other has been said to be a factor in this.

But guns can be available to private citizens in other locations too - in their car, at their place of work, on the street… We’ll probably never know how much of a deterrent these are to would-be criminal acts, how many criminals have been scared off / engaged / detained by private citizens armed with a weapon.

In the UK, a robber is very likely to threaten a late night shop assistant with a screwdriver or a bottle of ammonia, as these can be portrayed in court if necessary as not being weapons as such - but he’d be far less likely to do that if he thought there was possibly a loaded revolver under the shop counter.

This makes an interesting read and shows why its difficult to try comparing statistics from different nations, who have different interpretations of what constitutes types of crime;

DEFINING VIOLENT CRIME ==============================
United Kingdom:

“Violent crime contains a wide range of offences, from minor assaults such as pushing and shoving that result in no physical harm through to serious incidents of wounding and murder. Around a half of violent incidents identified by both BCS and police statistics involve no injury to the victim.” (THOSB – CEW, page 17, paragraph 1.)

United States:

“In the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, violent crime is composed of four offenses: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Violent crimes are defined in the UCR Program as those offenses which involve force or threat of force.” (FBI – CUS – Violent Crime)

Source- https://dispellingthemythukvsusguns.wordpress.com/

It certainy is !

There has been much written here about some aspects of the problem society has just now, “Mass shootings” is a symptom of those problems, NOT the problem itself.

I guess many of us here are “Baby boomers” and as such there is a difficulty we have with understanding the current phenomenon of “Social Justice Warriors”. Or even that such people exist in any meaningful way. Yet they are respnsible for imposing on the majority Mr Robinson speaks of, all the current “changes” which we find so ridiculous. The hypothesis that humans can somehow be held responsible for the disasters AL Gore predicted in his ridiculous film has invented an entire and unneccesary industry to “Combat Global Warming”

THey have invented a whole “Social Justice” Industry, so that they can use words like “Racist”, “Sexist”, “Gay”, “Non-binary Gender”. They are in the process of devaluing the suffering and seriousness of real crimes, by applying the words “Rape” and “Murder” to animal husbandry and we have an example above where the sufferring and shame of real slavery have been diluted by using the word to encompass “Indentured Servants” working off their passage to America.

They have no moral compunctions aginst lying to achieve their ends and using the tricks of Propaganda and false news, together with concerted campaigns against anything they consider “Capitalist” or “Establishment”. They consider attacks on properly elected Officials of Governent to be their prerogative, if that official seems to have some form of “Backbone” or is not compliant to their “Public opinion” manipulation and “e-mail Petitions”

UNfortunately we are almost entirely defenseless against their excesses because we were brought up to believe in the virtues of “Family life” and “Working for a living”. We are less abe to communicate on an “Emotionally Intelligent” way (PC) But, WE KNOW “Right from wrong” and in manty ways we are the ONLY Hope for future generations (Our Grand-children), because we were educated prior to the time when Schools and Universities became “leftist” and started teaching propaganda instead of “Critical thining” - WE Can see what is wrong. Our grand-children cannot because they have been denied that crucial skill of “Critical Thinking”. That is not their fault, it is the Educators who are at fault - when, for example, there is significant pressure to teach “Creationism” as a valid alternative to “Evolution”.

They use “Gender Politics” as another weapon - Hell here in the UK, if a young man and a young woman get drunk together and have Sex, The Young man is automatically guilty of “Rape” - because “She” was as drunk as he was and “She” therefore was incapable of giving “consent” ! - We even had a case where a very respectable young man was accused and charged with “Rape” by a woman. His name was publicised to encourage other wmen to “Jump on the Bandwagon” - Her name was never released. A few days before the full trial took place it was revealed that he had 40,000 text messages and e-mails from her begging for sex to be repeated, but he wanted to stop. THe Police and Prosecution were well aware of this, but witheld that information from the Defence despite numerous requests. “Her name” was never revealed and as far as we know no action was taken against her !

What has this got to do with “mass-shootings” One may ask -

The reality is that some “Groups” - Particularly “WASP males” of any age are feeling particulary victimised and disenfranchised by the excesses of these highly co-ordinated attackers on their own way of life. As has been seen, most “Gun crime” consists of suicides within the group (WASP males) and on another thread I linked to statistics showing that 80+ % of suicides are males.

Now if someone is pushed to a stage where he is seriously considering committing suicide, he has choices to make like “How” and “when” and even “WHY” ?

If he looks at the “Why”, then the “How” he may decide as most do that he will just quiety blow his brains out, or he may decide to commit suicide in another way. Maybe by assasinating a Politician he feels may have been responsible for his predicament, or maybe by attacking some social group, who he feels excluded him, or possibly just “Society in General” - Make no mistake, if he takes one of the latter courses, he has “Committed suicide” just as effectively as the former course would allow, and he knows it !

Yet the “Social Justice Warriors” want to over-rule an extremely valid part of USA history and integral part of the American Constitution - by banning guns. That is a very normal action in progression towards a “Totalitarian State” whereby the tools of oppression, disenfranchisement, and “guilt by denunciation” are usual methods to “Keep the Plebs down” - We allow (foolishly perhaps) these SJWs freedom of speech. Make no mistake, in a couple more generations, that freedom will be entirely withdrawn by the “State” which our great great grand-children will have the misfortune to live under. (In USSR, “Freedom of speech” meant "Say anything we don’t like and get sent to a “Gulag” or to die in a salt mine).

I sincerely encourage all citizens of the world, to back the Americans in their desperate defence of democracy, freedom and “The pusuit of happiness”

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Really good post Falstaff.

Its so dangerous when left-wing morality gets into politics as it implies all other political viewpoints are inherently amoral. This would justify removing the possibility of a non-leftist party gaining power. In some eyes on that side, the moral imperatives involved even appear to justify immoral acts as the means to their end.

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Thank you @tommor, it did flow rather well I thought :laughing:

If we can just give one or two people “Food for thought” and not to address this issue as one which can be controlled by ever more “Restrictions”, perhaps there will be some way forwards - slow though it might be.

However, I’ve done my bit for the world. Perhaps it’s just time to pass the baton to the future generations and to trust them to make their own futures. We raised them. If we did our job right, they will be capable of seeing through the Propaganda eventually and reclaiming their own destiny.

Anyway, summer’s coming, I’ve got a boat to mend - and trades to make !

See ya soon. :sunglasses:

No harm in debating, but no one has a god-given right to be correct.
Sometimes one side of the argument is right, sometimes its the other, but in the majority of cases the truth lies somewhere in between.
Solutions need to be found, but this often requires both sides giving up some of their past entitlements and beliefs for the greater good.

You have to steal a gun in a moderate civilized society… not just walk into Walmart…

Honestly, I don’t think that banning guns will decrease the number of shootings and killings. Please…like since drugs are forbidden and illegal, this stops people from using them and dying from overdose. Weapons don’t kill people, people are killing each other with or without guns. These days everybody are so damn sensitive about everything and the world is going crazy so guns are not the problem here, we are. [quote=“eddieb, post:23, topic:137430”]
Humans just seem to enjoy hating each other.
Take 2 men from North London, they hate each other because one is from Islington (so brought up to follow Arsenal) and the other from Tottenham (so a Tottenham supporter).
This is the perfect scheme for a successful control of the masses: divide and conquer.