Did you take a course? If so where and how much?

I am about to sign up for FXCM’s day trading course for $999?

Anyone have information on this course?

What course have you taken, with who and how much was it?


well to give you an advice spend some time here on babypips and save your money for live trading.there is lots of information you can even imagine here.you better give me that money and i teach you system that works really easy :stuck_out_tongue:

have a good one

Have you take the babypips course?

Most stuff sold claiming to be the sure fire thing is not. No one system fits everyone. In fact we all here could learn the same system and enter a position at the exact same price and we all would have different results. Some would win and others would lose. The emotional thing is a huge impact in all trading and so I would say find something that fits your personality in relation to your risk parameters. Most who are classified as system hoppers always find themselves out of phase with the markets. They try a break out system for one week a pull back system the next. Then add 150,000,000,000 indicators and they fail to even pay attention to what the price is doing. When you find a system stick with it for good times and bad. This is the only way to truly get a feel for any system. Jumping from this to that is a sure fire way to confusion and frustration.