Difference between ECN and Standard?

Might start up a demo account on alpari. Can someone tell me the difference between ECN and Standard. Which is a better choice

There are two major types of retail forex brokers:

[B]1.[/B] dealing-desk brokers, also known as market-makers (MM)

[B]2.[/B] non-dealing desk (NDD) brokers β€” [B]one of these would be your best choice[/B]

There are two types of non-dealing-desk (NDD) brokers:

[B]a.[/B] straight-through-processing (STP) brokers, who offset each customer trade directly with one of their affiliate banks

[B]b.[/B] ECN brokers, who offset each customer trade through an intermediary known as an Electronic Communications Network (ECN); these brokers are not ECN’s β€” rather, they transact trades [B]through[/B] an ECN

There is no reason to prefer [B]a[/B] over [B]b[/B], or vice versa.

Many people β€” including some brokers β€” misuse the term ECN to mean any NDD broker.

In my opinion, most well-regulated market-makers in the major forex-trading countries are probably reliable and trustworthy. But, if you were considering two different brokers who seem to be equal in every way EXCEPT that one is a market-maker and the other is an NDD broker β€” go with the NDD broker.

If you’re not familiar with the shenanigans that a market-maker can pull, here are two posts that describe some of that β€” 301 Moved Permanently β€” and β€” 301 Moved Permanently


Thank you for precise and coherent guide!