Different brokers have different definitions of "pip"?

A friend and I use different brokers and took the same trade on US30 yesterday night. We both entered and exited at roughly the same prices, entry at around 27,960 and exit at around 28,160.

He later put a story on his IG saying he made 2000 pips in one trade. I told him this was a 200 pip trade, not 2000, but then he said “some brokers show this as 200 and others as 2000”.

Here is an example of a trade I have open on US30. Notice how I am shorting at 28,177 with a TP of 27,800 (377 points difference). My broker (Oanda on Tradingview) is showing this as 377 pips. I asked my friend to put the same parameters as a limit order and it’s showing as 3,770 pips his broker.


What am I missing here?

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Historically, most Brokers used to quote prices to 4 decimal places.
These days FX prices are almost universally quoted to 5 decimals.
This is probably what causes confusion. I think most traders that have been around a long time still consider the 4th decimal as the “pip” value, and the 5th a sub-division of that.
Your example of the DJ30 is not really pips at all, but points (pips are exclusively FX)
But I’m being a bit pedantic there.