Dimsky's Journal: 100 x 100

Hey @darthdimsky, been going through your blog, interesting stuff, i feel like your working yourself way to hard. looking back at when i started out trading i wasted a lot of time on things that felt were really meaningfull, but later just proved to be a waste of time and energy. im not saying that your doing the same, bc i dont really know, but trading isnt as complicated as your blog indicates.

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Completely agree with you. There’s enough blogs/journals/strategies that even compliment your argument. Even the way I traded when I documented and worked on in my Notion updates proved to do well enough for me.

I can simply revert to what I was doing and get good results I believe. I’d rather not do that. I’d rather set up a comprehensive system and build a firm foundation for a possible chance at trading full-time and in other markets/instruments.

If you look at it from that context this isn’t a lot of work. In fact, this should probably be the bare minimum.

Edit: There’s also a part of me that that will cause me to be disappointed in myself if I “let go” of certain ideas. I want to trade like the institutional traders I admire reading and listening to and the common denominator in their approach is putting in the effort & hours.


well i guess you have to do what feels right to you. will follow :grinning:

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I was so wrong. This was nothing like riding a bike. Or maybe it is. I haven’t ridden one in years.

Glad I’d uploaded that gif in the Notion thread. The field headers and data formats ensured I didn’t have to touch or source anything from Notion. Plug & play all the way.

Very proud of this part. As a coding noob I’m feeling a bit arrogant right now. Justifiably so. :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:

Two marked efficiencies over previous code:

  1. Previous delimiters were hardcoded within a Printf() string. Not this version. CSV delimiters can be changed now within the FILEOPEN function.
  2. Previously there were individual For Next loops against each group of arrays (each of the indicators, 10H/L values, OHLC values). This was because I was strictly enforcing the logic in the MQL5 manual samples and whatever code I could find online. Chucked it and figured a workaround when I realised this time round that most of my arrays were one dimensional because I was only looking at previous day values only. That helped streamline the code. I was procrastinating at the prospect of coding and error checking those loops again. It’s amazing how a want to be lazy can motivate innovative ideas sometimes.

I’m pretty sure there my code’s far from efficient in the eyes of a seasoned MQL5/C++ coder. But this is my Frankenstein and I’m proud of it.

Notion Checklist.csv (10.4 KB) Notion Checklist MQL5 code.txt (5.1 KB)

Restored Balance

The code is super important. This code enabled a process that I built a rigorous daily routine around. Challenging enough that I never once completed my daily checklist:

I’m naturally headstrong and relentless. Good traits for problem solving but naturally bad when the same traits leads to a propensity to overtrade, revenge trade & chase profits. Atleast the same equivalents when I played poker.

The routine building was to adapt to a more compartmentalized approach. It was to force efficiency and economy of mental capital (termed by Alexander Elder) over time. With the intention of adding onto it or changing it when things got too comfortable. To shock the system.

In hindsight, it might’ve been worth it to have paid for a data recovery tbh. But not having it had forced a re-evaluation of what I was doing. I expect a more robust approach to my previous routine.

Possible New Projects

Now that I’ve just finished the coding exercise and have built a library of sample codes to make future coding easier. I should be able to:

  • take on building a data extract for the historic MT5 economic calendar data.
  • build code for adhoc data extracts. Recently needed ATR values to run some numbers. Was forced to let go because the time required to invest in learning code for that requirement wasn’t worth it. Now it’s a very simple exercise.


Decided to start with Disciplined trader and work my way up to later books. Dismal progress. Let the coding take most of my time and just went through 40 or so pages so far.

Surprising MQL5 discovery
Was going over some pretty good MQL guides like this one and decided to check the author bio for this one. Was surprised to see he’d coded the following:

Pretty cool that he’s created EAs on Thomas Bulkowski’s findings. What’s interesting is whether the basis for those indicators can be used to update/continue his studies, given that the book was published nearly 2 decades ago.

Mind blowing. I haven’t got a clue what the coding means - a bit like me trying to read Arabic.
But you are on a roll and I can see that. Well done. On a more simplistic level, I have committed to become “a blockchain consultant” by Q2, 2022. Having publicly stated it, I now have to get my skates on.

Off the wall comment. Have you thought of applying to code with a crypto business? According to Linked-In it was the most sought after skill in 2021 with an expected 100% increase in demand in 2022. That was what caused me to seek serious training material in blockchain. :blush:

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My coding skills and drive are limited tbh. I have no natural interest in coding but I have a strong drive for data analysis. That’s why I learnt the bare essentials for data extracts and haven’t bothered going into EAs and custom indicators on MQL5. But I have a feeling that will change over time when I want to avoid micromanaging trades and atleast semi-automate certain processes.

I have plans for python, statistics and econometrics going forward but I have to do a better job at compartmentalizing my ongoing study and everything else.

I’m really excited to see how this works out. Will you be updating your crypto journal with regular updates with this regard? If you haven’t considered it I hope you will. It’ll be an inspiring read.

I am not sure at this stage, but there are a couple of areas associated with project and programme management that I have been steered towards over the past four years, rather than by force of necessity than choice. Customers never seem to have the full mix of skills in a team, so where we are short I have always volunteered to cover. One of those areas is business analysis. If I get a good BA that is a godsend. But often the BA role comes from the business discipline who owns the project (human resources, finance, operations, cyber-security). And that then led to governance, reporting content and cadence definition.

I see a future where companies have no choice but to adopt blockchain as unbreakable set of rules, and I see governments mandating compliance in law or “authority documents” that will cause this shift to happen, as Sarbanne-Oxley compliance in the USA led all CxO leaders to pay close attention to their accounts to avoid going to jail for cooking the books, whether they knew or not.

Corporations will preferentially adopt DACs (corporations) rather than DAOs (organisations) but the interesting part comes when companies wish to federate their access to critical business information with infrastructure that will replace one way and two way trusts between legal entities. The governance and architecture of that future compliance scenario is what interests me the most.

I just bought the NFT domain mondeoman.dao from unstoppable domains. Not sure what I will do with it yet but it will be part of my study to understand the differences between Web 2 and Web3 at the application layer. For example, DNS does not currently recognize the TLDs such as .dao, .wallet, etc. Ethereum has made their own ENS service, but such standards are in the pipeline to be issued. The DAO or DAC will choose whether or not to advertise the path to their decentralized services. There is a lot still very unclear to me, but having done the MCSE certification 20 years ago sure helps. I’ll let you know if I post, or send you a link to my discord server or AWS server when I know how the architecture will store my data and metadata. :upside_down_face:

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Not necessarily I think. From the functions of the BAs I’d worked with they would interact with me as a subject matter expert. So with my better understanding of business processes and knowledge of data at a finer granularity I’d be able to assist with their documentation. Like their User Requirement Specs.

Maybe my definition is very narrow because that’s how the BA’s in our org usually functioned. Can’t confidently say if that’s best practice to be fair.

Before this I’d like to see governments adopt this. Especially in my country. There so much blatant pilfering, corruption & mismanagement that this kind of thing would be revolutionary.

Notion upload failure

A bit bummed. My notion CSV upload keeps failing. Created an alternative code with the hard coded delimiters and that didn’t work either. Going to DB copy and see if that works. Might have to resort to creating a new notion ID to create some kind of test/staging area to get an idea if it’s restricted to existing ID, because the CSV shouldn’t be the issue. Atleast when I read the common problems faced by users with the same error.

The downside to Notion is that there’s no error log that I’m aware of to determine specific error. No dev console of any kind for any kind of basic troubleshooting atleast. Just:

Worst case scenario: I’ll just have to duplicate and work this out on Excel. Not a huge issue. Just that I’d built a very streamlined workflow to build relationships to journal and individual currency pair analysis areas. These relationships will no longer be possible with an offline Excel file.


Am still reading Disciplined Trader. The following resonated a lot:

Was feeling a bit despondent. I’ve gone to great lengths to get to this stage in my journey. When thinking of the worst case scenario of possibly discarding what I worked on in Notion, it struck me a bit hard. Was it worth it? This excerpt helped answer the affirmative yes. It reminded me of the reason I decided to do all this. Reminded me of the time I won this tournament:

Was the worst thing that could’ve happened at the time. Played ABC poker that tourney. Played with good bet sizing, proper positional play. Must’ve been very card lucky too. Probably the worst thing that happened to me at the time. Would’ve been better if I’d lost that day.

It built a very false image of my actual skill level at the time. My ABC strategy actually regressed a lot because I tried so hard to duplicate the good fortune of this win. Made way too many unnecessary adjustments to my game and broke what worked. Not to mention I wasn’t making an effort at studying and analyzing my game either. It was basically an unsystematic dismantling of an already average game.

Even on the rare occasion I remember it, it doesn’t affect me. I’d relegated it to my past. Today it evoked a few strong emotions of how terrible and how under-prepared my approach at the time was. Guess I’m just feeling a bit weak and vulnerable from this setback. I’ve managed much worse in this journey (funding my account & setting up bank) but the culmination of all these setbacks hit a bit today.

Guess everyone has their moments. Glad that excerpt helped set things back to perspective.

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Fixed and upload processed successfully. File has be saved in an ANSI format. FILE_ANSI flag in the FILEOPEN function.

Notion Checklist MQL5 code.txt (5.1 KB)


Just finished “The Disciplined Trader”. Great book. Wanted to throw it out at one point when it was talking about mass, light & cosmic stuff. Similar snakeoil salesman kind of feeling I felt reading Naked Forex in the early chapters. Glad I persisted though.

I get the impression it was really ahead of it’s time when it was published in 1990. Trading in the Zone might probably be a better alternative seeing it’s more recent but it’s still got a lot of relevant and pertinent information. A great exercise I picked up in the book was to start an “I am/I believe” statement and list as many things as you can in 10 minutes. Then identify those that conflict and work on decharging the beliefs that conflict directly with your objective. Simple but very effective exercise I think.

My upbringing was not in the stablest of psychological environments so I’m already a few steps behind a regular person in certain essential psychological facets. To top it of, I’ve never prioritized reading/corrective behavior to remedy those faults. Reading this book’s got me to realize I have to do similar reading/exercise at regular intervals. Like building and conditioning a well-toned muscle. Atleast one psychological book every quarter or so is what I’m thinking at present.

Got a recommendation for another book by J. Peter Steidlmayer that I’ve earmarked for future reading. It was published in '86 though. Don’t know if there are any recently updated alternatives to it though, even if by another author. He happens to be the guy who came up with Market Profile so his later books only cover that topic. No newer editions of this one. Also found another book on Market Profile by James Dalton. Noted them for future reference but makes no sense to read up on Market Profile atm. Much, much later like I intend to with point and figure charting.

Took a quick look at the books I’ve finished and I realized I let off atleast 2 books almost at the cusp of finishing them.

  • Statistics for Dummies I’ll have to restart because of the data loss. I have to overwrite the previous flash cards I did in Anki and I found a later version of the book that has a part 2 that makes it a better value addition.
  • Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis also I’ll need to make Anki cards for. I’ll forget a lot of good info in the books if I don’t revise the content regularly. Atleast until I put it to practice regularly.

To Do List

If I revisit the to do list on 19JAN here’s how it stands atm:

Todo list 19JAN

If I commit to one book on psychology per quarter then the second point is a slow burning action item. Now to resume the 100-pip exercise ASAP. That’s the condition for live trading. No compromise.

The grading systems are super important too. If I can nail it or atleast set a rudimentary system before go live that should do good. I can always work on incremental improvements over time so it doesn’t look as burdensome.

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A bit tired. Didn’t start on the To Do list yet. Thought, in the meanwhile, I’d resume the top down currency analysis I was doing before the HDD crash. Used to do this every weekend earlier. Feels good to get the the gears rolling again.

Further Reading

Resumed the Anki revisions and I was shocked by how much I’d forgotten the past few months since I last stopped. Not very happy about it. Maybe I’m not reading efficiently. Have decided to read up on reading. Two following books next on my reading list:

Additions to Notion workspace

Was catching up on the latest updates/features on Notion for the journal grading brainstorm. The workflow diagrams that were recently implemented have a huge scope for summarizing and cataloguing various systems. All the stuff I find in books and on the forum I should be able to consolidate in one personal reference/wiki for myself. Not at all a high priority item but super excited to implement this going forward.

The workflow symbols enable a click through function that can be used to hyperlink to pages or other references. Excellent tool to actually mindmap and plot out my trading plan.



Feeling a bit drained today. Mostly mental. I could really use a holiday. Not as productive as I’m used to being and still feel tired. But I have a hard time staying away from reading/engaging in anything trading related atm. Just realised what I was doing currency analysis during what I considered my downtime. Fine for now but not a good behavior to have in the long run. Need to know how to switch off completely when I have to.

To Do
No Progress. I haven’t even started reading a new book yet. I thought I was taking some time off but I wasn’t. Irrespective, resuming the exercise today.

Funniest journal yet
Found a hilarious journal I really enjoyed. My favorite journal so far. The OP did a really good job keeping it real. You guys might no longer be active but thanks @Gilas/@GilasTrading & @dpaterso for the entertaining exchanges and good laughs :smiley:

Good recent videos
Real Vision Finance has some fantastic content and some really smart contributors. Wish I could say I understood even half of the stuff discussed in most of the content. Not knowledgeable enough atm. It’s interesting to see analysts, fund managers & economists with positions in the markets discuss market behavior. Darius Dale, Tony Greer, Alfonso Peccatiello & Weston Nakamura are fave contributors. Love the fact that they’d rather say they don’t know certain market behavior (Darius Dale on Gold) that make up some random BS.

29:01 - “If not for the BOJ pushing yield starved JP investors overseas US & global yields & credit spreads would be through the feckin roof; And thereby the S&P500, the tech stocks (and all that) would through the feckin floor.” Great explanation on the importance of the BOJ on global markets. Learnt so much despite not fully understanding everything discussed.

Found lecture at Yale, by a former Soviet era journalist, on Russia and it’s relationship with the west in recent years and why it was western policies that encouraged Russian aggression over time. While he’s not excusing current behavior by Putin he makes a point for a lost window of opportunity that the west had to be more open and welcoming of Russia in the 90s/early 2000s.

Found some great bands to listen to. Indian folk metal band and a hijab wearing girl band from Indonesia. The girls are really awesome because they are facing a lot of adversity at home for doing what they love. Really inspiring.

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interesting journaling. keep it up!

Love the girls. Very brave.

Edited - and I just listened to Bloodywood. That lead can sing like Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin. I need to catch up a couple of generations with music.


Same here tbh. I’m feeling a bit out of touch too. Some really good non mainstream bands out there. YT’s really helping them find a more international listener base. Listened to this a short while back. This one drew a tear. A very positive song about mental health. Positive message at the end of the video too.

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I’m very impressed with this style of music, and the band itself. I subscribed, and will follow learning about their charitable cause. Thanks for this @darthdimsky - an unexpected bonus from this forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you want to hear some good, non-mainstream music, check out this Mongolian band, The Hu. Very talented and use traditional Mongolian instruments and Mongolian throat singing. I say non-mainstream, but they are gaining in popularity.

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Love these guys! :smiley: They did a killer cover of Metallica’s “Through the Never”. I love this particular track though. Has an epic feel


Current Reading
Dropped “How to Read a Book”, Adler. Too dry. Picked up some hints in the first 100 pages that will definitely speed things up for me but it feels dated (1972) and is a tough read atm. Will revisit later. Instead picked up and finished reading

Good read. Very practical advice with examples. At the moment requires a lot of conscious effort to implement some of the ideas because I intentionally have to slow down from my usual speed to practice concepts.

Further reading
Further reading will be centered more around mind maps, effective learning and memory improvement. Downloaded Obsidian the other day to start implementing the Zettelkasten method. Never tried it before but the sooner I start the better. It’ll pay a lot in the long run for the kind of reading/learning I want to take on going forward.

Anki reviews
Anki reviews are back online. 5 consecutive days reviewing my flash cards. Haven’t made any in a long time. Have plans to include new ones based on further reading material down the line. Here’s how they’re supposed to work.

To do list
4H/1H analysis still underway. Admit to a lacksadaisical start, but steady progress. No progress on the grading systems either. Sri Lanka is going through daily power outages. 2-3 per day. That’s impacting the to do list. While the power is out I’m able to whip out the phone and continue reading a pdf, which is why my reading’s progressed much further than the action items.

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