Do ALL people claim refunds on EAs?

Well, we all know that crap robots are out every week, and most of them come from the same internet marketers that have no clue what Forex Trading is.

What I was wondering lately is - why these scrupulous people keep on releasing useless robots every week? Of course to earn easy money. But on the other hand, people who bought the robots, will test it, see that it does not work and ask for a refund.

So apparently there are so many dumb people that do not ask for refunds! Since if all people that have purchased the useless robot claim for refund, the internet marketer will loose money.

What’s your view on this? Why so many dumb people around then?

Theres really no way they can loose money, They simply duplicate a page with varied marketing pitch, create a few new logos maybe maje a flash video or similar, then list it in search engines. Because its a digital product theres really no inventory, so one copy can sell to thousands of people say 90% get refunds its still the same original file being sold over and over again.

Its almost a no loose scenario for these companies regardess of the return rate. It can sit out there on the internet and sell time and time again regardless of reviews.

Fapturbo is still selling, if you log into their forums you’ll see people just having purchased the bot asking the same questions made back during its release.