Do I lose if I don't hit all to?

If I set my TP 1, TP2, and TP3. And my order hits only TP 1 or TP 2 and I move to break even, would I make profit or losss If it hits only TP 2 before It goes back to break even?

Whether there is a net profit if only 2 out of 3 TP’s are hit depends on how much of the position was close d at TP1 and TP2 and where the stop-loss was moved to since the whole position was opened.

I’ve got to suggest that if you’re having difficulties calculating your net gain in different scenarios, maybe this tactic is too complicated for you right now. Maybe start just using a single TP at which the whole position is closed, or use a trailing SL.


If TP1 and TP2 have been hit then the profit on these are banked. If you have moved the remaining open position(s) to break even then your only remaining open risk is negative slippage if price hits your stop at break even or if price gaps over your stop while the market is closed, e.g. over a weekend.

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I agree with the view that sometimes a simpler approach is much better than some multi-step strategies and approaches.
First you need to decide when you are in full control of the situation and then try something more complicated.
It’s the same with take profits…

Lets just say you have 3 trades open they all have the same SL but different Tp’s and Trade 1 and 2 hit TP 1 and 2 the the third trade is still open but you move the SL to Break even and it hit Break and Even well i would count that trade a success… 2 of those trades you made profit and 1 of them you didnt loss anything because it broke even the only thing you MAY have lost was just the SWAP and Charges

it depends on your set risk/reward ratio and also how much profits or losses you make if only 2 out of 3 TP hit. There is definitely not always possible to hit all your TP

It is important to get the levels and margins right here anyway, it may be that you need more time to reach option 2,3, you have to properly insure yourself to keep and increase the deposit.

I think that sometimes a simple strategy works far better than other complex approaches and strategies.
Prior to attempting something more complex, you must first identify whether you have complete control over the situation.

This is why, you have to understand the market momentum; if the momentum is so high then only you can expect the TP2, TP3! Otherwise, you should use only the single TP position!

Set your stop loss and take profit based on support/resistant levels! On the other hand, count every major counter trend moves!

to set a perfect stop loss is a challenging task, at the maximum time we fail to fix a good stop loss technique.