Do i need signals...also what time should i be looking?

Hi guys, so been demo trading for a short while, have had 2 losing and 5 winning trades, up a decent enough amount in my demo account.

My strategy is swing trading, basically using a mix of indicators and looking at trends and patterns.

I am just wondering how I tackle the issue of missing entry points, I do not have the time to sit and study markets all day, I have seen many videos on youtube etc of people setting up signals to help them be notified on when to make an entry, is this something recommended for beginners? Its only briefly touched upon in the school of pipsology.

Also when swing trading should i be focusing on the markets for just a certain period each day?

I think I am basically asking how is the best way to maximise my time rather than dipping in and out all day but not achieving as much as i should?


You can set up alerts even on the free version of Trading View (though the number increases with paid subscription). I use these to alert me to price getting to an area of interest and then refine entry from there if applicable or if not leave it and go back to my day.

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You don’t need signals, honestly don’t bother. You are best learning for yourself. Have a look at YouTube and watch some videos, back test, open a demo account.

I do not mean signals from somebody else, I mean for myself…if that makes sense.

I am looking back on the charts and seeing missed opportunities because i was not watching the charts at a certain time, if i had set something up to notify me i could have logged on at that point and executed a trade.

You can set alerts on Trading View, you have to buy their subscription. Either that, or you can set buy/sell limits where you intend to enter.

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The demo on IG has alerts for certain indicators, if you have the app on ur phone u can get the alerts there too. There’s an app called YummyProfit, you can get alerts on 5 pairs for a lot of different indicators as well

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This is what i do. It is important to invest in your trading