Do you see forex trading as your final profession/ job?

Relatable! :blush: How long have you been part-time trading? :smiley:

Of course! First, my goal is to become a good trader. To be able to make it a full-time profession, one needs to enjoy doing it. It’s more like passion and should feel less like work.

No, trading is a learning experience for me. Along with my full-time job, I want to keep this going. Will try to extend my trading hours once I get better at trading.

My journey hasn’t come to an end just yet. I’m here with the mindset of an entrepreneur. There is a lot to discover and learn.

Yeah I do. I’m trading forex with all my might so that one day I don’t have to do anything else except forex i.e., I want to make forex as my active income. I’m currently working in a 9-5 job and I don’t want to do that forever. If we work hard and remain consistent then we can make good profits.

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I want to say again that, I venture into other things not just forex. I do Real Estate, Web Analysis, Data Entry and so many other stuff to earn income. I spread my wings so to speak.

Definitely hope you get there! :blush: It must be quite tough to trade forex while working a full-time job? :open_mouth: How do you manage your time?

Ooooh. :blush: I think it’s always a great idea to have multiple sources of income. :smiley: Haha. Are you planning to do all those things until the time you’re at retirement age? :open_mouth: Still, I wish you all the best in spreading your wings! :smiley:

Why not? Forex is such an awesome way to make money! But I know the reality, it’s not an easy job! That’s why I used my demo for such a long period of time! And then I started my live trading!

Yes - my intention is to use any !!?? profit from FX trading as some jam and cream on top of my retirement
income - mainly because i’ve no interest in golf,gardening, shopping with my better half or hanging around coffee shops.

Totally, you can’t rely on one source of income, not in this global inflation been experienced everywhere. You just have to double up or lack behind, so forex is not the only thing am into.

You can say that again! I do hope though that by the time I retire, I’d have enough savings to just live out my life comfortably and without having to work a lot. :pray:

Yes, working as a forex trader can be very rewarding, flexible, and interesting. Being a successful forex trader requires perseverance, ongoing learning, effective capital management strategies, the capacity for taking risks, and a solid trading strategy.

Forex trading is a risky field, there is no surety whether or not one will make profit. Even if I start making consistent profits, I can lose it all on a big trade. So definitely forex will be my final profession after I retire from my 9 to 5, and have a financially strong and stable life. Until then, not forex, but saving and accumulating trading capital will be my first priority. Until the year comes when I choose forex as my final profession, I believe trading for all these years will also make me experienced.

I am on the way to becoming one. I have my freelancing business in addition to forex trading and online tutoring (school students). I have been in this market for some years, but I think it is not the right time to become a full-time trader. I will definitely think of becoming one in a few years.

I am quite happy with forex trading and the lifestyle it gives me. So, yes I see it as my final profession.

Oooh. :blush: Sounds like you have a lot going on already! :smiley: It’s great to know you have a lot of sources of income. :open_mouth: But I wonder how you’re able to manage all of those tasks/ jobs at the same time! :open_mouth:

I can take trading as final job yes.

Forex provides ample of opportunity for all. I have been trading for a while now. Definitely you can choose it as a profession.

Facts create a solid method and learn about prop firms… forex is the way