Do you see forex trading as your final profession/ job?

That’s great news. :blush: 10-15% consistently is already such a big thing, I think. (especially if you have a pretty good capital to start with :sweat_smile:) My capital wasn’t that big. so I understand it would take some time before I could actually pay for most of my expenses from my trading profit. :sweat_smile:

Good luuuck! :blush: I’ll be cheering for youu. :smiley:

Yes, forex trading can be taken as a profession. But initially, traders take trading part-time and get into the market slowly once they start making consistent profits.

Yes, why not?

Forex can totally be your full-time job. It can provide us perks that a regular 9-5 job can’t. However, reaching that level is years of hardwork and discipline. But it is worth it.

Hmmm. :thinking: Would you say this is the case for you? :blush: Did you start part-time trading, and decide to pursue forex full-time? :smiley:

Well, that’s true. :smiley: I guess the biggest perk is the flexi hours. Are you also trading full-time right now? :smiley:

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Yes, I see Forex trading as my final job. As a chartered accountant, It easy for me

Like a… Can be. One thing im sure, i never leave this pro or bussiness or whatever name it, the diversity of markets are there to take one and be a master…
Can be to combine with another income,… If you have the passion, no, age to retire, owner of you more valuable asset TIME!!!

I joined Forex Trading to make exclusive income. If I get good results from here, then I am not in favor of doing the job.

Yes, forex trading can provide perks that no other job can. However,reaching up to that level of profession requires time and effort. I hope it turns out well for me and many others.

Yes, I do. It depends on what kind of trader I become. There is a lot to learn, and I am looking forward to it.

I would really think of this but for now, have to repay debts so can’t risk my family for this risky choice.

For me I would because I have learned valuable life lessons just from trading forex. I learned what it really means to be patient, how to not take losses personal and why it is important to plan things before hand and these lessons have been really important things to me and I think most jobs don’t teach them.

but there is a long road ahead and I don’t know how things would work out, but for now making forex trading my final profession is my vision.

If you have a penchant for trading, then from a hobby forex becomes a job.

I’m trying to do it, but so far it’s just a dream.

I am on the way to make forex trading as my final profession.

Trading for living is not easy but it is attainable. With enough experience, knowledge and investment one can start trading as a profession. It involves a lot of financial planning, risk calculations and backup plan if this one backfires.

True. Most people never manage to get there though.

Forex trading can be done as a job. You can trade for other people if you have experience and confidence. You can do that on commission based pricing. Another way is to make a living by trading for yourself. It is the hard way but returns are a lot higher if done the right way.

Yes, it is not a bad thought to consider since it can offer so many benefits which cannot be offered by any regular job. However, it would depend on how good my trading skills become.