Does a real ECN broker exist?

You’re saying that as an experienced trader, I think?

Remember that the noobs they’re trying to attract - partly by having these forum posts made by people saying how good they are - don’t really even know what ECN and STP mean, don’t understand what a counterparty is, and are much more likely than yourself to be taken in by all of it? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Quickly’s post above serves a good purpose, here, I’m sure.

As an experienced trader, ha, I wake up most mornings at the crack of light and often ask the same question! Thankfully I have no fat fingers…

One way is to ask them to show you which liquidity provider filled your trade. Only true ECN brokers are able to do this. Be careful when brokers label themselves as “ECN-like” liquidity, that’s just a red flag for B booking your trades.

Another way is to watch out for no minimum SL distance :slight_smile:

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So this discussion drives me crazy.
Do you assume just because i open a position on eur/usd, lets say on, and instantly their algorithm is goin change eurusd price all over the world? On every platform in the world, on every Tv where we also see prices every 15min,…Just to scam me?
Am new to this and you guys scare me

You should give up now, you have no idea what you are doing, just send me your money and I will send it to the aspca, at least some animals might benefit a little.

The Ever If A Fool And His Money Are Quickly Parted It’s A Miracle They Got Together In The First Place VIPER

Some product release information to Dealers (Brokers) from Spotware (cTrader Platform) gives some insight into how much “Dealing Desk Interference” is really possible on the backend of Trading Platform software… Read the link below…

Kool Aid sipping FX Traders look away now…

thats truth!
Someone who knows everything about you and your future steps, would not use this for own profit?..omfg obviously lol

well if you aren’t really in a market but in a 1 on 1 meta market with your broker how can you say that large players manipulate the market? they aren’t interacting with you/taking your money…the BROKER IS!

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@forextraderr please state your broker.


Besides Lmax I dont know any other ECN , what you think of Vantagefx ?

Of course they exist but you will reach them after testing dozens of fake ones, dealing desks, market makers. Then you will have a feeling what true ECN execution is it comes with experience. From my experience I feel that Tickmill, IC markets and Hotforex are real ECN brokers.

There is one trusted method to check if your broker a truly ECN - try to place a limit order inside the bid/ask spread. If it will be placed than your broker is truly ECN, but if it rejected, so it’s not.

For example, LMAX alows to place orders inside the spread.

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If I may add…
5. Spreads are also variable, as opposed to a MM’s fixed spreads.
6. Slippage can be positive and negative
7. No bonus schemes are offered (classic bucketshop trait)
8. No requotes - ever (another classic MM trait)

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Are ecn brokers becoming more common or more readily available to the retail Trader or is it merely more marketing?

I was looking at turnkey Forex, they have a very small balance required to open an ecn account that trades micro Lots. They seem to have tight spreads, commission per lot per trade and they offer a bonus program.

I believe the website states that due to a number of affiliations With liquidity providers they are able to do this. Is this simply marketing?


If you follow the points above, you can do the research for yourself.
For me, personally, the case is that I would not trust either of the Turnkey websites that I found (One for Canada and one for UK).

can you name a “proper” ecn? most of them now call themselves ECN or have ECn accounts… Vantage Fx is a big scam. the other day, on the euro/usd run up after UK election, they ran the price down from 1.11280 to 1.11020 before the big move up happened. Now, in Oanda and other charts I checked, nothing of this happened… the 1 minute bar starts at 1.11280 and goes up straigh from there.
Now, oanda seems not to bad for a broker, but offer very low leverage. what’s a true ecn then for retail? is there any?

I’ve heard awfull about IC Markets, and stop hunts not happening in other places…
Tickmill is perhaps allrigh but offer low leverage only.

How’s HotForex, do you stand by them??? I might be interested to open an account there.

i don’t know for this precise one, but for most it means nothing. an ecn is just an ecn, can be their own ecn, where they do what they please, and push price to places not even dreamed of in a more “normal” broker like oanda. useless marketing indeed.

@Lotus_Trading2019, Vantage FX is based & regulated out of the Cayman Islands… enough said…

ECN is just an acronym Brokers started throwing around in the last few years to make you think they are more trustworthy than the competition… Uninitiated entrants into Forex/CFD’s assume it means that their Broker is not a Market Maker, and their order is being passed directly to the InterBank Market…
Nothing can be further from the truth.

When trading Retail Forex via CFD, your orders will be subject to B-Book or A-Book execution.
I suggest doing due diligence prior to opening an account with any retail Broker by contacting them and asking for a breakdown of all acronym’s splashed across their glittering Websites.

Both IC Markets and Pepperstone did the same… Brokers use the news events as an opportunity to generate some income…

As i see it, price disparity, is worse then MM.
So oanda seems a choice allright, but offer very low leverage. What broker do you have or recomend?