Does all brokers require you to close open positions before requesting a withdrawal?

I didn’t know this until now when I made my first withdrawal request and I got message from my broker that I must close all my open positions in order to process my withdrawal request. I didn’t make a big withdrawal request. I have 6317 USD im my account and I just asked to withdraw 300 USD and my open positions are only worth 25 USD so why they want me to close my open positions before they can process my payment? I am on auto trading so I cant force my EA to close open positions and if I do it manually I will interrupt with the EAs calculation and will suffer loss.

I was about to reply to them but then I thought that I must ask here first that if all brokers practice this law or are there some brokers who process your payment even some of your positions are still opened.

Please Reply.

Anyone? please reply.

Hey Kashif314,

Not all brokers have this policy, most will allow a withdrawal with open positions, especially if You have a lot of free margin. Some on the other hand will even allow a withdrawal that might cause a stop-out, but it is not their issue if that happens.

No withdrawal with open trades is common with some PAMMs depending on the profit/loss/volume allocation methods and PAMM software that is being used, self-trading accounts should not have such restrictions in my opinion… You should ask Your broker for clarification why they impose the restriction.