Does anybody have a decent pivot point indicator for MT4?

Hello SweetPip et al!

Looking for this type of indicators I came across on an indicator called FMM_Pivots and SweetPip’s.
Well it turns out that SweetPip’s is “cleaner”, but I find that it shows today’s high instead of yesterday’s high.
It does show yesterday’s low though, but of course we need the correct parameters in order for this indicator to work properly.

Do you guys know how to fix this?

And also SweetPip would you mind sharing your weekly indicator?


I’m a Newbie here and have also been looking for a pivot point claculator, so I apprreciate your post, but please tell me the details of how to install‎ into MT4.

Hi there,

What do you mean by Does anybody have a decent pivot point indicator for MT4? Im new and just trying to learn.

A pivot point indicator is a small piece of software imbeded in MT4 which draws lines of support and resistance on your Fx charts, based on the open, close,high and low of the previous period. The period
is usually the previous day. You can do this manually but it really helps if you can automate the process.

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Bumping a very old thread. ETX sent me the link to include this specific pivot point indicator onto my MT4 profile. Install was nice and easy, came off without a hitch. However, it seems that the default for “ShiftHrs” is set to 0. So from a traders perspective should the “ShiftHrs” be set to a specific value? Ive heard of some using NY’s time, London’s time etc. Im a new trader located in Alberta, Canada that is only trading within the Forex.

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for Pivot indicator for MT4 across multiple time frames ideally, H4, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. I have tried Sweet Pips version but only seems to work on Daily timeframe and lower.

Any help would be appreciated.


Maybe you can try the one from the sonic r. system, that very good or one called pivots for freebie2.

Thats the ones i use frequently, but you need to try them on demo account first - hope that helps