I received a message asking me for the following: 1. Photo ID (means a clear and legible photocopy of your passport, driver’s license or government official signed ID where relevant).

  1. Proof of address (recent utility means a bill or bank statement clearly displaying the name and address that you supplied in your account information, not older than three months .)

  2. Proof of Credit Card ownership (means a clear and legible photocopy of both sides of the card you used to deposit funds showing the last 4 digits in the front and your name & your signature at the back.)

This worries me cause its seems to be the type of info that someone who wants to steal your ID would like to get. The reason given is that its a legal requirement in terms of money laundering laws and such. I’d really appreciate some feedback on this so I can be guided accordingly.:33:

Seems normal to me, when I’ve opened share trading & forex accounts in the past.

I’m Australian tho & use Australian company’s, so I can trust them with my money & my ID’s.

It seems normal. Make sure your broker is ok and it has a regular license, then send everything you need to send, and finally you can start to lose money :wink:
I’m kidding, good luck guy :41:

Same here in the U.S, except the broker does not ask for the credit cards. The only thing the require is your name have to be matched on your credit cards, checking, or savings accounts when you fund to your trading account.

Yeah, I don’t know about number of credit card because I use bank transfers :slight_smile:

No harm in showing the front of your credit card, just don’t show the back side with the 3 digit code.

Thanks millions guys

Yeah I agree I had to show ID and proof of address. But I was never asked to show a copy of the card. Just make sure it is a reputable broker and you should be ok.

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