EA - Automated Trading success stories

After reading 10 pages down I got a little headache. That is why I started this thread in the hope to find someone who would share their success story.

Let me introduce myself, I am currently a salaried man looking for an alternative source of income. I have heard of some success stories and some horrors too. I did try to find something that would to able to trade without interference for me. If you have such a system please let me know about it.

I would like to find out which EA or EAs you are using?
How much profit you have gain from it so far? if possible provide the past 3 months results.
Where did you get the EA and how much did you pay for it?

your help would be very much appreciated.

I have heard good things about forex CB… IT has its own forum too Just for it.

Trust me, Google it and read the forum.

You really need to ask yoursellf do you really want to be trading the same system as a group of people, whose only committment was to invest a couple of hundred dollars in a defective product that they dont understand, hyped by affiliate marketers.

At this stage, you should be focussing on how much you are potentially going to lose

I tried the easy EA way at first myself. Blew up 2 $500 live accounts in no time flat.

My suggestion would be to hire a coach. A professional trader who will spend an hour a week with you for say 10 to 12 weeks as your mentor to guide you thru making manual trades at first. (Before you can run, you gotta walk and before you walk you gotta crawl) Thats where I’m at any way, crawling, but learning, gaining my balance from what I learned from MY coach.

EA’s are tools that, at our stage, we have NO idea how they work or how to use them, so don’t get caught up in the hype and hysteria and feel like you’re loosing out on making your first “easy million”. Learn to use the tools you already have (brain, education, curiosity, analytic ablity, logic) by getting into a mentoring program. (Some can be pretty pricey, shop around) and most of all, LISTEN to what your coach is telling you. They are NOT going to steer you wrong, they have a vested interest in your success. (Repeat business, word of mouth advertising and their reputation, all of which carry significant value) AND they will show you how and when to use some even better tools to help you along.

Once you get a handle on manually trading, knowing the signals to get into and out of a trade, knowing the signs of a good trade verus a bad or highly risky trade and most of all learn to be patient with the market and yourself, THEN go asess the TRUE value of these autmomated systems and decide if thats where you want to put your money. (In someone else’s pocket, 'cause they sure are more than willing to let you)

I cannot find , pls give us link…

“beatsforex” dig deep

Stop Hunting.zip (337 KB)

I would have thought that IF there was an EA that was guaranteed not to blow up your account, everyone would be using it…

I tried the FAP seemed to work for two months and created profit. then 5 days lost everything :mad:

most of this eas work just for few days or weeks, some for months. better examples are Forex-Handelssignale-ayondo and others.

but the problem is. you are making with most systems many little wins. but if a loss is coming, it will be a huge loss which can be the end of the capital. but this is not so with Forex-Expert-Advisor.

Another problem is that people have to realize that an EA is a robot, so you have to check it.

An EA can help you with the trading, but the complete trading has to be done by a person.

I’ve been using the EA “Smart Trader” by Windsor Park FX and found it to have good consistent results, but only on the couple currency pairs they recommend. The only time I lost money was when I altered their recommended settings to trade more aggressively (a greedy newbie mistake!) and then when the BOJ intervened in mid-Sept. Otherwise, it’s been making me 10-15% per month. (BTW, I am just a customer of Windsor Park, not an employee or affiliated with them in any way.)

It is also actual theme for me, I am in research from my perfect EA.
Some more people who use robots for trading???:rolleyes:

Of course, there is no perfect EA, but as a customer I can recommend Windsor Park FX’s product. But please, don’t take my word for it! They’ll let you try it free for as long as you wish on whatever demo account you have set up…can’t beat that.

I have had fantastic results with forex morning trade. I’m not an afilliate only a customer and I can say honestly this is a winning ea. it is based on a solid trading plan and it has proven itself successful on the longer term. I have only traded it live for like 2 months but so far it is excellent!!!

I agree with sb271… I don’t think any robot can replace the human brain… I’ve programmed various EAs before that worked very well for a few months, but then start losing money… So unless I can find an EA that has, say 10 years track record, I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable letting an EA trade for me completely…

Dude, you may be new here, but you definitely talk some sense.

Just left a newbie meeting Windsor had for their smart trader up here in Seattle. This is my first EA. I am demoing it out and will let it play in demo made… perhaps buy if it ends up being worth it… Not cheap by any means, but it is nice that they list the price on the site.

I’ll let you all know how it works.

Is there any other EA’s worth trying and demoing?

Hi traders! I’m trying to make a good portfolio of EAs…I think that’s the key of success… can anyone help me?

I am interested too… What do you have thus far?