Eager to learn Forex, with this amazing community

Hi all,

My name is Ahmet from the Netherlands. 3 months ago, I started traveling in Asia. I’ve visited many beautiful places, like Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. While I was traveling, I had plenty of time to start reading about Forex. After I finished my first book about Forex, I decided I wanted to learn more about Forex and start trading in this gigantic market.

I’m back from my trip and was looking for a broker, when I suddenly came across with babypips. I started the education, I immediately noticed there is a lot of information I still didn’t know. I’m glad I’ve made my way to babypips. I hope to learn from this community and grow my way into the Forex market.

At this moment, I’m still looking for a broker to start. Few years ago I had an account on plus500, but I’m not sure if that is the right place to start. While I found my way in this forum, I will look for open topics where brokers are reviewed. If you have some tips for brokers, please feel free to tell me about your experience etc.

Thank you so much already!

In the right place to learn and chat as some great guys here to help
Kind Regards
The Scruffy Trader

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You will find that this is the best place to learn and lots of people will help you.

Thanks, I’m looking forward to learn from this community and hope to help others in the future.

Which ever broker you choose, just do an extensive research before you lay hands on one.

Welcome Ahmet! Lots of friendly folks in this community. I hope you’re enjoying your stay and good luck on your forex journey!