Easy to learn trend following strategy: An intraday trading system

I have created this thread specifically for discussing my trend-following strategy. I will be posting signals here. I am also going to share links to my accounts. I have many accounts but I am going to create two accounts specifically for trend following.

Initially, I was scalping using one of these accounts. So we have to look at my performance from November 2021.

I have created these two accounts to find out if we can demonstrate a positive edge from this trend following strategy. No need for negative comments from anyone at the moment. This is just a trial to maintain low drawdown, and open trades for which we can explain the reason we had to open the position. I will transfer more capital from my other accounts to these two accounts with time.

The reason we have two accounts is because of the two accounts carry different levels of risks. I will explain later.

My name is Haron and I am from Kenya.

If you have a good strategy you can share, please do so. I am eager to learn.

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I will check to ensure that the myfxbook EA updates the records


Interesting! :blush: Definitely looking forward to updates on this thread. :smiley: Good luck with this March! :smiley:

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My accounts are not ready

But if you look at EURCHF, one can expect a market movement at 11 (in the next 1.30 hours). The problem is we have major EUR and CHF news at around that time that could affect interest rates and cause a sudden uptrend.

One can also have a look at EURGBP to see if there is a possibility of downtrend continuation from 12 noon (in the next 1 hour 6 minutes).

I managed to earn 1% using the trend following strategy. My drawdown as just 0.38%. I could have earned more but my EA indicated the possibility of trend reversal because of the CHF and EUR news. The good thing is that you don’t need EA to see this opportunity. Here is an explanation.

I think no explanation is needed, just look at the chart,

Also look at EURGBP . No explanation is needed. In some cases however, you need my EA like in the case of EURGBP.

The two accounts I have shared are for trend following only. We will be able to see the progress with time, I have many strategies but I have decided to focus on this particular one: trend following.

GBPCAD Maybe downtrend continuation about to start here. I wont trade it because I don’t think it is a nice opportunity.

another nice trend continuation.

I lost GBPCAD It was a nice opportunity. Also not trading USDCAD trend, although it could be a nice opportunity. I am considering trading AUDUSD. You can look at these currencies and you will see an opportunity to sell. For USDCA, it is buy i think.

Not trading any pair today because of this: high impact news

Hi @ria_rose Hope you see how it is easy to follow a trend. But you need to combine this strategy with another one

NZDCAD could be a case of trend continuation but not the best,

NZDCAD wasn’t the best because my analysis showed it had already lost the upward momentum. I will have to go for the best trades only.

trend continuation for audusd looks promising but unfortunately we have usd coming up