Economic Docket Stocked With News

New Zealand?s economic docket is packed for tomorrow with economic releases covering the health of the country?s trade accounts. The global increase in the commodity prices , in particular dairy products, is widely anticipated to contribute towards shrinking New Zealand?s quarterly current account deficit.

Though the trade balance data is not expected to significantly move the foreign exchange market, the release will be crucial in gauging the effect of Kiwi?s appreciation on New Zealand?s export-oriented economy.
[B]Next 24 Hours:
[/B]- [B]Trade Balance (MAY)
[/B] Expected: 0.045B
Previous: -0.212B

  • [B]Imports (MAY)
    [/B] Expected: 3.35B
    Previous: 3.39B
  • [B]Exports (MAY)
    [/B] Expected: 3.60B
    Previous: 3.18B
  • [B]New Zealand Tax Receipts, Revenues (MAY)[/B]
    Expected: n/a
    Previous: n/a
    [B]Last 24 Hours:
    [/B]- [B]Westpac NZ Consumer Confidence (2Q)[/B]
    Actual: 111.4
    Previous: 117.7

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