Education and scams

I have been trying to find some good education online (other than babypips) but everything i find once i look into seems pretty poor and borderline scamming.

A lot of these guys selling courses etc never seem to produce actual trading results or proof that they have made money trading.

I also think, well if you are making such vast sums of money why are you selling education for a few hundred quid?!

Anybody have any advice/guidance on how to improve as a trader, in particular raw price action trading?

A nudge in the right direction or some basic guidance will do.

Thanks in advance.

lots of education place are available in online free or paid , i haven’t found any good one at all as like baby pips, most of them i found to be scams.

education is important but besides this , regular practice on trading is more important.

Most trading education isn’t a scam. You will be paying for the effort somebody put together in collecting information and packaging it, not for the profit-making value of the information itself. This doesn’t make it a scam, it just makes it poor value.

I often read a lot of what these guys have put together and i come out the other end feeling like i know less, very frustrating. What in your opinion would be the best way to improve your skills and knowledge?

right now education is available in on line and you are enough mature which is good for you. so, find best one and be knowledgeable trader.

Learn about basic technical analysis. Take any simple long-term strategy and practice, practice, practice.

Avoid day-trading.

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Why not day trading?

Most new traders start in day-trading. Most new traders lose.

Its very difficult to do well, the overall reward does not readily justify the risk - i.e. its difficult to make more than a modest supplementary income, but the risk of total wipe-out is very high.

It is so easy to get scammed now, you must be careful, I did some online courses to help me pass my exams and I felt like there was something off about them. I did them until the end and I was still not confident about my exam. I was right to not be confident and in the end I did not pay the full price because I failed the exam. After that I found and it was really different, they were much better at it and the questions they gave me to study were on the exam so I passed easily.

There is huge amount of learning material free of charge on the internet. Everything what you learn you can practice on demo account and see how it works. You will not get scammed if you just check the strategy first on demo account – of course, without any advanced payments

The problem with paid courses is that you will find very little in addition to what is already available for free over the internet. They aren’t really tricking you out of your money that would be scam. What they are doing is marketing.

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