Either sides, i still loose.WHY?

Hi, everyone.
i’m still having problems with my trades and i need help.I’ve gone through the babypips school and i did found it contained great information. My problem is that i’m constantly loosing in my trades and i;ve been demo trading for two months now. The system on the babypips site is what i’ve been using. Even when i later opened two demo accounts just to trade the opposite side of my first demo account i still lost. I just wanted to taste success and yet i did’nt get it. This kept me wandering which direction my trade eventually went. Because i thought it would only go up or down. When will i taste success?


Some advise for you.

Repeat after me.

Dont give up … if you carry on you will do well.

Perhaps that system isnt for you?

i personally find it to use too low of a timeframe for me, maybe its the same for you.

Have a look around the forum for other systems, there are plenty and im sure you will come across one that you will like and be able to adopt, make your own and even tweak.

the other thing i would say to you is have some patience its not a 2 week process to be succeed in this game.

Dr’s dont turn into consultants over night.

Lawyers from law school etc

Give yourself a chance and by that i mean time.


Frustrating business sometimes. Each of us has been there at some point.

You’re using the Cowabunga system? (I think that’s the same as the “S.E.I.R.” system.) If you read the blog, it hasn’t been a good month for that system.

n_aftab said it right. No one can hand you an answer to trading success. Give yourself some time to learn and explore. The markets will be here tomorrow and the next day. Take a break and return later with fresh eyes.

At least demo accounts are still free!