Ema 10,25,50

So as most of you know I am kinda new to this, but I am trying out a theory that is using the basic moving average junk, and it seems to me if you pat attention to this and keep it simple you won’t get hurt much. This strategy also keeps in mind with the keep it simple and don’t get greedy. Any advice?

Pretty much EMA 10,25,50. Enter once 10 passes 25 and hits 50. Get out once it hit 25 again. Buy or sell both ways work.

When what hits the 50? the 10 or 25ema? If that’s the case then you are just trading a 10/25 and 50 EMA crossover, in other words one of the EMAs is not necessary. Also MA cross overs for entries is not a good strategy, MAs are useful but not for entries!

Everyone looks at MA crosses as a simple first strategy and everyone eventually realises that it doesn’t work, hopefully with some money left in their account.