Entry orders

Has anyone had this experience,I placed two entry orders yesterday with FXCM, my broker, and cancelled both of them 45mins later as the market moved too far away from them.When I went back to my computer hours later I find that one of the orders was actually activated and closed for a 25pip loss. There appears to be no way of confirming previous cancelled entry orders on FXCM’s platform!

Eh, I trade on a similar platform, and I think the same thing happened to me! Maybe I didn’t remove it, but I thought I did. Maybe it’s a glitch. I’ll ask for some support and see what happens. My order was on the 27th too. What the hell.

Ok, so I contacted them and they said they would review the trade, they said that once they were done doing their weekly maintainace to run a report. That button on the toolbar that says report. But, they also said that I have to manage the trade as I see fit, so basically I have to wait until the market opens again until I can get out, so I don’t know I guess were are both screwed until then.

Alright, basicallly they said they ran a report and I didn’t remove the order. Now, of course I could be wrong, it’s never happened before when I removed it. There really is no use in getting mad, it’ll only carry into your next trade and cause you to lose money. All I’m going to do is shrung it off, if it happens again, I’ll see from there what I want to do. But for now I’m just goning to forget it one trade means nothing to me.

Thanks for that,I know I cancelled the trade but can’t prove it.I’ll just wait and see what they say when they open again.