Error in my Expert Advisor

I’ve been coding for sometime now and keep getting this error OrderModifying Error 1. Here’s the statement, I’m using.


ParaB_Current is the current value of Parabolic SAR.
I’ve filtered for 0.

??? - Any ideas?

If unchanged values are passed as the function parameters, the error 1 (ERR_NO_RESULT) will be generated.

Found it Never Mind!!

Hey man,

This is a way better place to get that answered. (MQL4 Code Base: expert advisors, custom indicators, scripts and libraries) You can post your EA there and ask your coding questions. Also (not to promote) but interbankfx has a good wall maintained forum that has a section on EA’s and coding. The guy who places 3rd place in the 2006 EA completion works there.

I wouldn’t waste your time with it though, even the winner of the 2006 MTQ4 EA competition says its 100% luck and an EA is not a way to make any money long term in any market.

Better off trying to double up on $100 bets on the blackjack table. If you can win 14 bets in a row you will have almost 2million… hey at least the odds are 'in your favor"

There is no shortcut to education.

i have been trying also to understand the expret advisor but men all to no avail, if you pls see a better solution pls let know