Errors in the "Market Hours" tables in the School

The “Market Hours” tables — Trading Sessions | When Can You Trade Forex? | Learn Forex Trading — contain errors.

Those errors were pointed out by a new member, here — 301 Moved Permanently

I thought we had this all resolved a year ago. Please refer to PM’s between Ananais and myself, in December 2010, on errors in the tables. Soon after my correspondence with her, the tables were revised to show the correct times. What has happened since then?

Agreed! I just noticed that the other day when I was trying to plot the times on my platform… A London session only 4 hours long… hahaha I thought that might be just a tad wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, there is no clarity regarding the ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’ - is it referring to Summer in the northern hemisphere or southern?

Yep they are wrong that for sure

Greetings Clint and others,

We’re taking a look at this now. Thanks!


Hello, Pipstradamus

I noticed that the corrections have been made. Thanks.

I hope that you, and all of the folks at, have a Wonderful Christmas and a Terrific New Year.