Etoro is a scam, they stole 7500 USD from me

Hi Rookied,
I’m very sorry hearing about that. I just want to tell you eToro has taken a right action regarding your trading performance. By one way or another you have used a strategy that allows you to execute trades in a past time to the current time and profit from the difference between the price regarding to the time. That’s not allowed by any broker. I understand that you have considered this as a scam but, it’s stated clearly in the terms and conditions. [content removed for Forums Policy violation]. No one complains.

wish you the best of luck
Osama Mohamed

Interesting claim. For starters read this topic and notice that

“If a company were to throw such an accussation and implement actions based on it, the least they can do is show the information and demonstration of this behavior strategy or whatever with clear examples. And they have not done any of this.”

this rather essential issue remains unanswered.

Let’s suppose etoro was indeed scammed by Rookied like you like to believe. Any clue why they are not here showing the world their right and the wrong of Rookied?

Your bonus remark tells us either

  • you’re 11yo
  • are just trolling
  • have a serious limited brainfunction

I sincerely hope it isn’t the latter

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If your moral compass is pointing in the right direction, you would be careful about what broker you recommend to traders

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Is there any topic like this that actually also has a clear ending? It feels like I read dozens of these with one thing in commen: after a few posts the author suddenly stops posting.

Quite interesting topics each time though but it’s getting a bit boring to never see the end of it…

Hey guys. I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. Thanks for your help and your patience.
My main laptop broke down, Ive been awfully busy trading bitcoin and doing other stuff.

Epic trend, aint it? Looks done hehe.

15 days ago the Financial Ombudsman of Cyprus contacted me and confirmed me my complaint has been accepted having met all requirements. The company has been notified and the investigation is ongoing. It should take 6 months :smirk: until I receive their final decision

I promise I will keep you guys informed and share every step of it until I get to the bottom of this, as it is one of the main reasons I created this thread.


This is awful. Thank god the company’s terms of service weren’t this when I suffered from this whole episode.
So now by signing up with this company you are basically giving up any protection you could have had in trading these instruments. And this is not clearly visible unless you pick the magnifying glass and get into detail.
Etoro has spent so much in advertising lately,
I’m afraid a lot of people might have fallen for it. I hope this thread has visibility and saves some serious headaches.


I was talking about crypto currencies with a friend yeasterday - he was saying they could just “Take your money…” because it wasn’t real,

It seems the brokers who deal in them can do the same !

See this video

It is an etoro video promoting cryptocurrencies trading in their platform.
You can see how etoro blatantly advertises they are regulated by the FCA/FO in UK and CySEC/FOC conveniently leaving aside that the traders are actually not protected by any of these regulations or regulatory bodies when trading cryptocurrencies CFDs with them at all. Traders have ZERO protection.

Good to hear your case is accepted by the ombudsman and you will keep us posted. I wish you all the best with it!

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Hello Thanks for sharing this case, we must be careful when choosing the broker with which we place our money

I do believe that babypips would be held in higher regard if there was a section related to poor experiences that peple have trading with various brokers !


ETORO is making easy money without doing ANYTHING, no LABOR and no WORK but just RIPPING OFF new customers with fees.
ETORO is NOT holding its bar end of the bargain!!!

Yesterday I made a deposit of 1000Euro in my account which ETORO converted it to dollar
at a rate lower than the actual rate of exchange/ (They exchanged it for 1.14dollars to
the Euro rather than 1.17dollars to the Euro. Right there ETORO made an easy profit
of US$30…
Then, with 1147dollars in my account, I decided to do one transaction
buying RIPPLE altcoins… right there ETORO made a cut with a fee
and DID NOT post my asset just bought in my portfolio… It was left blank…
So I decided to trade again the purchase…and this time again ETORO made
another cut with a fee and STILL DID NOT PLACE MY ASSET in my portfolio…
Total fee amounted to US$74 dollars and they left in my cash account US$1073…
with my Porfolio STILL empty!!!

Tired of this mockery and getting ripped off with market orders,
I decided to stop placing market orders with them and to withdraw all my money from ETERO who then…charged me US$25.

So ETORO made a profit of US$129 WITHOUT DOING NOTHING!!!



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They try to denounce this company in the country where their main office is located, surely there are already several like you, who fell for innocent

Etoro has been a gangster company right from day one. New traders need to be aware of this company. They have made themselves rich by stealing clients money everyday. So where are the regulatory bodies? They are highly regulated right?

@tibitcoin: all changes in equity can be found in your account statement. Did you download that already and confronted them with the fees they took without positions being opened? I have tons of bad experiences with etoro myself but yours is not one of them and also rather hard to believe. So show us those lines of your account statement and let’s discuss it. That’s why we’re here for aren’t we?

Right now the platform is very often not responding, utterly annoying. Live chat is no longer available, when going there it says there’s a cueue of at least 30 people waiting and sometimes even 80+. When leaving that livechat popup screen open the cueue goes down very slowly and after an hour with at least 15 left in cueue it tells you ‘Live chat is not available’ and to open a ticket. Tickets are responded to after 5 business days when you’re lucky, 9/10 times with crap answers that need again inquiry from your end so another full week goes by. It’s utterly useless to ask them anything.

Anyway: How is the 7500 USD issue now? I am following this thread with high interest.

does anyone know if Etoro actually pays the money when you actually ask for a withdrawal
have requested one three days ago and it says its still under review

the t&c says they review in one day, no answer for the customer service

any idea guys ???

Hi mani, did you get your withdrawal sorted out. I have been waiting 4 days for a large withdrawal and my status has gone from still under review to partially processed. Any thoughts anyone ?

No man still under review its been a week and a half now.

They keep sending email that their workload has spiked but its seems like bs

There is many problems with etoro when you want to get your money back.
i start use etoro and put 5000$ on the account, then all my document (bank & identity card) where fasted verified.

After 2 weeks, i win 12000$ then i wanted to withdrawal from etoro. the problem has begin :

I try many many times to do a withdrawal without succes.
Then i decided to contact etoro…
After 10 days i never have any “HUMAIN” responses, only robots says “We are still working on your request”

Then, 10 days after, i finally receved a mail from etoro that precise that my account and money is bloked because the bank account is not verified ???

Now, the account is blocked and i loose 12000$ on etoro.

please, just go away from etoro, etoro is scam, etoro is a robber, etoro will never paybaks you.
If you loose money (90% of user loose) you will never heard this, but if one day you win, you will never see your money back

Etoro will never pay you back, etoro is just a big scam

Hi. I have been suckered in.
I put thousands of hours and $$ in already and they are just ripping me off left right and centre.
The list is huge! I am getting bored of repeating my story. I just want to sue these sons of bitches!
A quick rundown on how they are currently scamming:

Charts can become scrambled and sometimes hide patterns.
Spreads can slip as you are trading.

The site will not always let you close trades claiming an error, and this is usually as you are loosing large amounts of money.

The site will sometimes sign you out and the same happens as described above. You can’t access your trades and it’s always either when you are loosing money or could be making money.
Same story on both my home and mobile internet network.

Candlesticks sometimes ghost and the last two candles move strangely not just the last one.

Sometimes Portfolio shows trades in profit in green but when you close them they turn red and were never in the profit zone.

Sometimes when you try to add funds it says the process failed so you try again and again. I ended up transferring 4 or 5 times the amount i wanted to.

Trades vanish from the portfolio or change into other asset classes. Usually at the most inconvenient moments. $ at stake.

Customer service and chat either do not work or are unresponsive.

I left my phone number in a customer service ticket and started to receive scam calls from Tunisia.

The site is full of charlatans posing as customers but they have no time for customer service.

To be honest the list go’s on and i would like to try to get my money back including what they cost me when the site was bugging and tricking me.

Unfortunately the USD has dropped heaps since opening my account and they required all money to be converted into USD.

On a side note i used my virtual portfolio to copy some of they top investors (through their copy trading feature). I did this because i was suspicious of these traders after looking at their portfolios which did not resemble anything a top investor would do. Like buying alt coins continuously through the crash for a whole month.

Sometimes the crypto coins would be hidden amongst a large portfolio. Almost all of the suspicious traders turned out losses this month.

This is not to mention the fees and spreads. the above is all scam worthy or simply put. It’s criminal.

I am interested in suing these freaks to put a stop to this.

I have had a few run in’s in the comments sections and i am sure they were with people working for eToro as the way they bullied me and belittled me was always the same story whenever i believe i met the etorians through their chat rooms. Another thing they will do is to always recommend that if things are not working out then you should try to copy someone. Which i was already suspicious of.
To be honest it was the copy feature that brought me to eToro.
Now i am wishing i had found a more honest platform.

Does anyone know what chances i stand of suing them? If not for me then for everyone else.

I am beyond angry and tired.