Etoro social alerts app

Has anyone tried out this app and made consistent gains using it? if so whats the strategy you follow/ traders you copy from? i have tried this on my virtual account and have made consistent gains so far. any thoughts?

I haven’t tried this yet but the idea is good. I mean, it couldn’t hurt someone to get updated daily.

The copy trader function I feel is a total mess on etoro. From what I can gather, many newbies sign up and instead of learning how to trade, just look to copy people, then complain and accuse etoro of being a scam when they lose their money simply because they have failed to do their homework and would rather rely on someone else to do the hard work for them.

Whilst there are some extremely successful traders on there, my suspicion is many are newbies looking to make a quick buck and ride the tailcoat of others to success.

No hard feelings. Beware of etoro. Your gains may end soon.
Use small deposit to trade with them