EUR USD confirmation 2021 to 2022 series

So I am with trading and I’m doing a trading here eur usd found a trade join me in my trading journey starting October 13, 2021 onwards

EUR USD 5 min trade forecast, that’s a long bearish line, and we have an opportunity slight pull back from resistance, around 1.15600 selling point

New resistance occured in our forecast! 5minutes trade eur usd, the day trade market still in bull waiting for any confirmation if the eur usd to short The second shows if the eur usd goes long, this is my analysis in the next image

Forecast in or Day trade. We have a new high resistance in eur usd as 1.5783 and it is in bullish, will this be the end? or there will be a reversal? If there will be double shoulder, I might be right.

Forecast and the right shoulder is almost done in 5 min eur usd trade. If I am right, we need to have a confirmatin before hitting the sell button. IF I am wrong the bullish continues…

Eur usd forecast the market is now in consolidation and no confirmation but is knocking the support 1.5668 three time, I am still expecting a short signal.

EUR USD 5m day trade still in consolidation, not enough supply and demand at this state. We don’t know which direction it will go,

eur usd day trade last resistance 1.5831 bullish, have fun

EUR USD 1hr TF, after the bullish went into the highest resistance, it looks exhausted it the 1.5929, I hope you guys earned some pips and I think the bull still have more strength will it reach 1.1628 resistance ? so far the trend is still in bullish. When will the bear come again?

Good morning in Asia Market

seems to be the bear is here after yesterday’s EUR USD bull came @1.6000 current resistance in the asian trade. By plotting this trade I can see a short trade potential sell @1.15982 but we still need a confirmation to get the sure pips.

The EUR USD still in the bullish in today’s Trade and expecting a bullish Trade in US Forex opens.

Eur usd now the market trend is obviously in the bullish my analysis might be right


The trend line is absolute bullish, an obvious trend to go long, we ar trading bull till this weekend

Eur usd bullish Trade

We have a slight pull back with the bear and for me it’s an opportunity with a good entry @1.15960 and stop loss @1.15877, before buying it needs confirmation

Why I choose to trade bullish today?

EUR USD arent we having a double hammer in 5 m TF ? Still waiting for confirmation…

EUR USD waiting for the long ride bullish trade, so waiting for confirmation to hit that resistance @1.1600 almost US open market SL@ 1.1568 support

EUR USD 5m TF another back up plan if the Bullish fails, the bear comes in the support @ 1.15868

Good analysis, but I have to have an idea about the context. We need to create an idea of what position the market is taking.

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you trading at eur usd? just support and resistance, I only trade when there’s confirmation