EUR/USD Daily Chart Reviews

The 55 day EMA acting once again as a resistance on the EURUSD, along with the 1.1400 level, which also acts as resistance. The pair bounce to the downside and it may reach the 1.1300 level, but the pair is really boxed between those two levels without a clear trend in the short term.

I think the price could get into the 1.1220 area again, if it does then it will create a good momentum for going long. New Year’s Trading Plan

The EURUSD rallies close to the 1.1500 level but loses its bullish momentum in that zone. The pair is really stuck between the 1.1500 and the 1.1300 level with the 55 day EMA at the 1.1400 level acting as a midpoint.

Yes, important level is 1.15 and later up to 1.18

Hello guys! It looks like the PA made an uptrend channel on the 4h/daily chart. Have a look: EURUSD Long

The EURUSD completes six consecutive sessions to the upside, but at the moment, the 1.1500 zone may act as resistance. However, a rally above the 200 day EMA at the 1.1527 level could take the pair to the 1.1600 zone.

Hi all! Me thinks the EURUSD will increase in southward momentum before the end of the week with the print of a bearish pinbar at a significant zone (a horizontal channel resistance) on the daily time frame.

I may be wrong. Trade safe and prosper.

EURUSD followers, what’s your take after the ECB announcement?

The EURUSD finds a good resistance at the 55 day EMA around the 1.1341 level, but after the bearish bounce, the pair finds a good support at the 1.1300 level. The wider range is between the 1.1200 level and the 1.1400 level.

There is a three drives pattern on the daily chart in my opinion. See my newest chart 1.1520 in target

Thanks for this, definitely worth following… :smiley:

A view of the EURUSD Weekly Chart

It’s a big day for the pair. EURUSD End of Summer Trading

After being idle for the past few months, I’m back with a new projection on the pair’s 4h chart.
Bearish Shark in Progress

It’s Monday and there are no significant events. I made a Gann Fan on H2. Share your impressions.

The EURUSD is still boxed between the 1.1000 level as support and the 1.1100 level as resistance, where the price is currently at. The 200 day EMA at the 1.1135 level could act as resistance. To the downside, the 1.1000 level could also act as support.

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Hola! My forecast for next week is the formation of the right shoulder of the H&S pattern H2/H4. EURUSD 16-18 Dec

im also charting this pair on S/R.

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The EURUSD bounces to the downside from the peak at the 1.1200 level and drops below the 200 day EMA at the 1.1135 level, but the 1.1100 zone could act as support.

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Trendlines to Consider - End Year Trading 2019

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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