EUR/USD is going down

Did you knows? This is a news letter that I try to give here. I will give price of a major currency every day? Thank you for reading…

EUR/USD is developping 3-elliott wave (1 minute price chart ). It is going down to 1.37289 in a few of hours next.

10-20 pips?

Yes, I favor on 1 minutes chart. Got from 10 pips and up to 100 pips+

It’s done at 13:45 (NYT)

I never got into EW. Looked too complicated and involved. How long have you been using it? How often are you profitable with it?

Yes, I play some major currencies every day as EUR/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD,…
I get more than 100 pips averagely every day.
You also learn EW+Fibonacci. I have been using it for 4 years aldready.

rather than learn EW learn the supertradesystem its based on EW is easier to learn (though not easy) and has a 99% success rate over the last year its stop and reverse they get a thousands of pips a week.

Check the reviews on forexpeacearmy.

Good luck

BTW EU should go up to around 1.42