EUR/USD Reversed

I know that EUR/USD as a pair is mainly used but I was wondering, can the opposite be found to be traded as well (USD/EUR) or only the one way is offered?

I tried searching both of them on MT4 but I only found EURUSD. Except if USDEUR was also there and I just didn’t see it :slight_smile:

In general are pairs or any pair offered in both ways to trade? XXX/YYY and YYY/XXX or always only the one way available to trade? If no, why not?

And second question, if both are available, do they have the same liquidity? I guess the vast majority will be trading only on the EUR/USD? So USD/EUR will not have much liquidity and it would be harder to close orders leading to more slippage and being harder to close big lot volume ordes?

You won’t find USDEUR because they are the exact same only inverted. Since you can buy or sell you don’t need both.

I know there would be mirror images and I can get same trades from just the one chart being reversed. I was just having some weird ideas that I wanted to test out and that’s why I needed both of them. So I guess it’s nowhere to be found and same goes for all pairs not just EURUSD. They can be found only the one way

If you are long, you are technically buying the EUR and selling the USD.
If you are short, you are technically selling the EUR and buying the USD.

It is a Currency Pair and both currencies are involved in the exact same transaction.

Alternatively, you can request for a custom chart indicator via communities such as MQL5 Freelance to develop a reverse value calculator.

For Example:

  • If EUR/USD is currently trading at 1.12, then all you need to do for a reverse calculation is to take the EUR value which is 1.00 and divide it by 1.12.
  • You will derive a value of 0.89286 for the custom USD/EUR pair.
  • This means, each U.S. Dollar is only worth 0.89 cents compared to the Euro.

The answer to your second question is both “Yes” and “No”. This is dependent on which broker you are trading with and whether they are ECN, STP, or MM.

MM Brokers have their very own Dealing Desk which creates spreads and prices which may not correspond to actual prices.

Yeah but since BOTH are not available I guess this question and this answer is kind of theoretical and non-existant :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway