EUR/USD this morning jumped but why?


During the night I placed a pretty large position on long eur/usd and then went to sleep.
When I woke up a few hours ago I could see that price has jumped from 1.14070 to 1.14647 but does any
one know why?

There was no news what I could see or was it?

It does not matter, Mastah…

Currencies respond to price flow… there does not always need to be a reason…

Anyway, it has been and gone, and EUR/USD is still stuck in a fourteen-month range

(1.05 - 1.15), so this latest rally is not sufficient by itself, technically, to change things,

because the fundamentals about EuroZone and United States have not changed.

So, rest assured that if your stops are above 1.15, at the moment at least, they will

be reasonably safe - but, of course, nothing is guaranteed - if you are short EUR/USD

at these levels…

That is my opinion, and mine alone :slight_smile:

You still in it?

Looks like you have about 22 pips from 1.1413 ( 1.1395 ish) area before a possible swing back up,

Retail sales numbers about to pop at 8:30, so be carefull

Oh, hypothetically speaking, DO NOT make a trade call on my assumption,

Hi mastah,

only few people actually know the details why price suddenly changed because they usualy the Big investor or partner for Government project, we as retail trader did not have those kind of power.

we as FX retail trader predict next movement by experience and chart analysis.
And the news reader will give the reason for us and all other people.

As you now EURUSD is the most traded currency pair, which means forces of supply and demand are very active which is producing lot of volatility. So, not every movement is cosed from some news release.