The pair EUR/USD have broken the 1.3370 resistance level.

The psychological resistance is now at 1.3400 lvl.
I would go short on EUR/USD.

I would recommend entry at 1.3390 with a stop loss of 1.3410
profit taking of 1.3355 with trailing stop of 7 pips.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Any constructive view is appericated. (no flamming!) :slight_smile:

Never leveage your trading too high and never risk more than 2% of your capital.
Good luck!

Isn’t a 7 pip trailing stop too close. I would think your trade would be over almost as quickly as it was triggered? I like the trade idea though!


EDIT: I re-read your post and just realized your not trailing your stop until after the price hits your TP correct? I still think 7 pips would be a waste of time even trailing it but thats just me :slight_smile: .

The pair had broke the 1.3400 and had a new high at 1.3411 which had hit our stop loss for yester.
We have -20 pips in our trade today.
I will be placing no trades today.
By placing no trades, u are also taking a position-- a safe position.

The pair had reached 1.3355 which i was expecting. Stop loss was set too tight. learn from mistakes :slight_smile:

The pair had broke 1.3350 support level and is bearish signal…

Short on EUR/USD

Entry at 1.3330 TP at 1.3300 SL at 1.3355

Gd luck

And remember never risk more than 2% of your capital.

Entry at 1.3330 TP at 1.36 SL at 1.3180 :smiley:

First bullish eur talk i’ve seen… for all the ‘chartist’ talk on the site no one seems to mention that eurusd has a nice upward channel (1hr) and has steadily moved up through each resistance point it has tested. We may be touching highs not seen for a long time and are used to periods of range trading but it’s dangerous to get anrchored - what happened to our friend named trend?:slight_smile:

The pair had hit 1.3300 which i was expecting. A nice 30 pips. During the market the pair broke 1.3300 support level and went as low as 1.3289. Its attempt to break though 1.3000 was futile. Its went 1.3310 highs before dropping to even a lower 1.3286. I doubt the pair will break though the 1.3300. Wills sees how monday goes. Have a nice weekend folks!

Heres is the chart.

chart.bmp (578 KB)

Market Update, The bulls on EUR/USD are on medical leave today. The Bulls Horn are unable to break 1.3300 resistance and went as low as 1.3253.

Short on EUR/USD

Entry at 1.3280 TP at 1.3255 SL at 1.3310

Gd luck!

And remember and risk more than 2% of your capital while trading.

The pair broke 1.3300 resistance today. We have a loss trade of -30 pips today.

made 38 pips from EURUSD today.

in @ .3296
out@ .3334