For the couple EUR/USD the variations have been great within the last six months, it was between 1.2900 and 1.2500, the breakout will be probably violent. Fed will release its monetary policy decision, maybe it’s time to head south, the theoretical objective would be 4 figures down, until 1.2100. EUR appears to break the resistance near 1.2650. What�s your opinion?

It�s revolving around bearish trendline of 1.2690… If it breaks through, then will reach at 1.2900. In the web I see the bearish long term SHS, but the second shoulder is developing very slowly, it looks like the pattern could fail. You should be in touch with other web�s urls also, which I usually find them through Moreover we’re having a pullback to the old bearish trendline, which is at 1.2675. So the bullish momentum is still going on.