Euro Crosses: Very Different Paths

-EURGBP larger trend is down
-EURCHF potential support at 1.4900
-EURCAD completing small correction
-EURNZD trades above 200 day SMA

Euro / British Pound[/B]

The decline from .9507 is an impulse and the next big move for the EURGBP is down. I am unsure if .9085 will remain intact though. On very short term charts, the decline from there can be counted as being in 5 waves but with wave 5 truncated. If .9085 is exceeded, then there are potential Fibonacci resistance levels at .9138 and .9224.

Euro / Swiss Franc[/B]

Last week, I wrote that “there is potential for weakness in the EURCHF below 1.5059 and towards 1.49 (61.8% of 1.4575-1.5450 and the 100% extension of the 1.5450-1.5059 decline). A drop to there may present an opportunity to position long against 1.4575 in anticipation of a rally through 1.5886.” There is no change to the outlook. Expect weakness but beware of a reversal near 1.4900.

Euro / Canadian Dollar[/B]

Eventually, the EURCAD is expected to drop below 1.5633 in order to complete an A-B-C decline from 1.7522. Near term, there may be some upside potential as the pair completes a small correction from 1.5775. 1.6368-1.6511 marks the 50%-61.8% of 1.6983, which is in 5 waves. The recent bounce has materialized off of the 200 day SMA (red line).

Euro / Australian Dollar[/B]

The EURAUD has dropped below the 200 day SMA, which brings forth the possibility that a longer term drop is underway. However, there is a pattern that warns of a bottom. Since the October high at 2.1174, it is possible that an A-B-C drop is complete at 1.80 (wave B is a triangle).

Euro / New Zealand Dollar[/B]

Remember, the long term objective is above 2.6171 (all-time high). The reason for this target is that a triangle unfolded from that point. Near term, the EURNZD has declined from the top of a bullish channel. Price is back above the 200 day SMA (in red), which supports bulls. Favor the upside against 2.2413.

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