Ever Decreasing or Increasing circles

Just as a matter of curiosity I had a look at a 3 month period or so from the very start of Baby Pips to see what kind of questions threads and discussion were doing the rounds then.

I wasn’t surprised to see the old familiar topics.

What’s a good pip goal per month?

Anyone making real money/profit from forex

Babypipss so easy its rediculous system!

Things To Consider Before Selecting a Broker.

Need raw data (OHLC)

A good quantity or an average of earning pips daily?

Trading Psychology’s role in trading?

A Drawdown Question

Stop hunting?

Fundamental Analysis 101

Historical Data?

Spread betting vs fx trading account

When do you exit a trade?

The lyrics - ‘Is anyone going anywhere, everyone’s got to be somewhere’ spring to mind :smiley:

don’t forget, “wow, awesome backtest.”

Well I guess there is a steady stream of new traders joining up, particularly as trading seems to be more popular than ever. And as trading itself is really not that complex, there is a comparitively small pool of questions that a trader at each stage of development is likely to ask. But each incarnation of the discussion brings with it a chance of picking up some insight, so it works for everyone here, I expect.

And it is part of the human nature, after all, that it is easier to ask a question than it is to trawl through an archive looking for the answer!

Seems to be the norm in any forum I’ve ever visited from forex to fat chicks… (poultry site)

… makes me wonder sometimes if people have ever heard of google.

Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to put up a thread with “Best Topic’s” and put links to them and maybe a moderator could make it sticky. Would save you vets time from having to retype.:slight_smile:

Like ST says it’s always got a different take on it, and sometimes there are some interesting points, but the thing is, these ‘potential traders’ that ask the basics, they just won’t succeed, if they are not prepared to do some basic homework, they are never going to last and succeed.

All those repeating questions is why I put together New Trader FAQs.

I hear what you say, a well presented ebook like that can save hours and hours of trawling through total rubbish and confusion to get to the root of what you want to know.

yeah right… :rolleyes:

whistle blower

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Yeah, it can be frustrating to see the same topics over and over. It’s nice to read something thought provoking or learn something from time to time. That’s why we’re here, right?

The ones I hate the most are when people ask if they can make a living doing this, or is it possible to make $X a week. I feel as though if you need to ask these kinds of questions you might not have what it takes.

I guess it’s easier to type the subject heading into a thread title, than it is to type it into a search box…

Well, the newbie forum is actually for those redundant questions and irritating questions that have been answered a 1000x times over. Heck I’m a noob, so its my favorite forum. The forum just happens to be the most active.

I still have quite a few noob questions in me, but i’ve been given quite a few resources here to figure it out on my own. For instance, Dale the other day pretty much wrote me a book on jump/gap trades, which was awesome.

Something I am probably going to do on my own is build out a website for my personal use that has all my favorite links to threads that I may want to reference in the future regarding my favorite topics.

Pipin aint easy, that is another one of my favorites around here. That blog with the charts I love. Just wish he would do the EurUsd more. That is just me though.

Anyway, that just my take.

'course I’ve heard of Google - that’s how I found Babypips :smiley:

I’m thankful that there are so many patient contributors on this site that don’t seem to tire of answering the same questions over and over.

I think it’s better to get an answer from someone who’s ‘been there, done that’ than to read it devoid of any emotion from a book.

I also think that when you first start, you don’t really know what you need to know if you get my drift, so reading one post/question sparks an interest in another and so it goes on.

I’m reading and understanding about things now that I didn’t even know existed when I started, so I wouldn’t have known what to Google for. :rolleyes:

So thank you all oh Great Patient Ones :smiley:


If memory serves me correctly: didn’t you (‘purplepatchforex’) try to start a thread a little while ago with the intention of giving links to the most ‘relevant’ threads around here??? What happened to that???

And as far as ‘rhodytrader’s’ ‘solicitation’ is concerned I’ve got no problem with that i.e. he’s put a good deal of time and effort into these forums for YEARS so a little ‘leeway’ is in order in my opinion. Believe me: I’ve been looking around at some other sites this week and you (we) don’t know how lucky you (we) are here that the Admin’s keep such a ‘tight reign’ on the site i.e. it would seem that on most sites like this ‘anything goes’. I found one the other day where a ‘spammer’, who must have some type of ‘automated spamming technique’, TWICE in a matter of hours somehow managed to post a message on every thread in every forum on the site each post being within seconds of each other (nobody could type that fast) (the messages were OBVIOUSLY a link to some or the other website) and those messsages are STILL there a few days later (in spite of me being a ‘good citizen’ and making the Admin’s of the site aware of the ‘idiot’). (John’s e-book is a good e-book by the way and something I wish I had when I started out let me tell you AND NO we’re not ‘friends’ or ‘partners’ or anything like that)!!!



… good trading

fihunts - can you give me the name of the thread about jump/gap trades please ? I’d like to read through that.

And yes - I’m being lazy - can’t be bothered to Google about it :stuck_out_tongue:
why should I when it’s here :wink:

no biggie, here ya go - 301 Moved Permanently

Thank you for that