Every Rumor Says Hyperinflation Caused Spending Trillions through Government

Every rumor on every peep show wall says hyperinflation Caused by Spending Trillions through Government

Why are we not in hyperinflation already. Is there a balance of forces that have to coordinate to trigger hyperinflation

Over the past 20 years US Govt spending has continued to rise - in the first 10 years a steady rise peaking in 2010, then falling for 5 years and then by 2020 back above that earlier peak.

What correlation with inflation over that period - clearly there is more criteria.

See that drop in inflation in the lead up to 2010 - went into deflation territory.

I don’t think all rumors are to be believed. Many of them are there just to create chaos. You don’t really get anything from them but lose what you already have. If it is about decision-making, you should learn to analyse the market before an opportunity slips out of your hands.

You’re right. Not everything is to be believed

There are coordinated control over prices and inflation. Most of the times.

Hyperinflation is the sales pitch too often used by the gold centric newsletter writers to punt their product.

Take a look at the velocity of money to see if we are anywhere near hyperinflation, and don’t listen to the doom porn.

For what it’s worth I do believe the US has the potential to enter it more than any other time in recent history - due to political factors - but as it stands it is not the case.

And this whole nonsense that QE is hyperinflationary is well…nonsense. If QE was money printing Japan would have been in hyperinflation years ago.

We have asset price inflation (which was probably the goal of the central planners) and I know CPI is a con, but gold for one is certainly not suggesting hyperinflation anytime soon

Possibly John - but then we may perhaps consider that there are more than one forms of “Gold” - the stuff which we buy as rings, chains etc and teh “other type” - which we can “trade” - ie the gold which it seems highly likely doesn’t really exist at all ! - just a vehicle for those who want to “trade gold” to gamble on. Do you think that might have a bearing on the “price of gold” ?

I wonder sometimes whether “Bitcoin” and her relatives might be considered by some as a “gold Substitute” from the “Store of wealth” perspective ? - those prices DO seem to be moving somewhat .

Similarly “Asset price inflation” - don’t you think that escalating prices for houses, land and other assets might be considered as “Inflationary” ?

Here in the uk we used to say that a modest house was 3 times the price of an average working man’s annual wage. - Now they seem to be more like 3-5 times the price of an average Working COUPLE’s annual wage - so either house prices have doubled or more or People’s labour is now worth Half as much as it used to be before Women were told that their worth was measured by their “Salary”

Just a thought :wink:

Of course house price rises are inflation - the good type of inflation (providing you are on the house ladder that is).

Yes I believe the whole bitcoin thing is another type of inflation, the debate is out whether its a store of value or not.

Or one mass bubble.

Peter Schiff, who is always interesting to listen to says it is NOT a store of value.

It is a great trading instrument for sure.

When we are talking hyperinflation, for me at least it conjures up images of Weimar, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Hungary in the 1940s.

You could walk into a restaurant and buy a bottle of wine, the next morning the empty bottle was worth more in paper money than the full bottle was when you bought it.

I have a strong opinion when it comes to the doom pornsters selling gold.

Gold is an insurance policy, nothing more nothing less. You better hope you never need it. Just the same as fire insurance for the house.

The problem with a lot of the hyperinflationists IMO is many of them appear to want this very scenario to actually happen so they can prosper either from broker fees for gold storage, going to da moon gold mining stocks, or from the stacking troy ounces of silver

I keep reading about hyperinflation, just like I keep reading about the great big short position in Silver, or how the Fed is suppressing the Gold price so people don’t lose faith in the dollar.

I’ve been reading of this for almost 20 years.

Hell, some of all this may even be true, but I have long since grown tired of the doom porn. Hyperinflation has not happened as they say and has Silver is not yet $500 an ounce.

For what it’s worth I do think the US dollar is in a very precarious situation, but that’s an opinion, so far not backed up by much evidence.

While M2 & M3 are high, the velocity of money is low, and the banks are not lending.

Me thinks we are going into a deflationary scenario, not a hyperinflationary one.


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I think that is probably the cleanest measure.


Yawn - give us a link ?

Agreed - but is “ordinary” Inflatiom not a step in that direction and where exactly is the dividing line ?

D’you know what mate - I don’t even pay the premium !
As far as I’m concerned It’a like paying £30 for an extra year on the “computer warranty” - Anyone who expects to be “paid out” is living an inefficient life :slightly_smiling_face:

As “Pit Bull” says of Bob Prechter - “Sitting on the shore of the lake - Awaiting the Tidal Wave” !

I hope you’re wrong - I’m 95% out of cash and into assets :wink:

But we’ll see :sunglasses: