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The system of settlements between people through the exchange of monetary units of measurement has been going on for several thousand years. Currency and its varieties have existed over this time, from gold bullions to wooden coins. With the advent of modern technology, payments with plastic cards and even online banking became available.

Later on, powerful software and great possibilities of Internet resources became the basis for creating a completely new currency of its kind. It became a crypt currency - a financial unit of calculation, which, unlike the rest, has no physical variation. It is a completely artificial payment system.

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Analysis of GBPAUD 31.01.2020

The price above 200 MA, indicating a growing trend.
The MACD histogram is above the zero lines.
The oscillator Force Index is above the zero lines.

If the level of resistance is broken, you should follow the recommendations below:
• Timeframe: H4
• Recommendation: Long Position

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Bitcoin Halving 2020

It is known that around May 20, 2020, the third halving of Bitcoin will take place. Every 10 minutes 50% fewer bitcoins will be produced, which may change its value.

It has already happened twice, each time increasing the price by at least 10 times. Despite the increased interest in bitcoins and the cryptocurrency as a whole, few people are talking about it.

So today we will look at what “halving” is and what it can lead to.

Halving is the process of splitting the number of generated awards for block mining by half. It is necessary for network functioning to maintain the total number of bitcoins not exceeding 21 million. Accordingly, this day is called “halving”.

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Twitter. Looking ahead | Fundamental analysis

Last week was very profitable for shareholders of Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR), whose shares soared 14% to $37.03 (maximum of $39.48) over the week since the last annual results were published. The results were roughly in line with the estimates, with revenues of $3.5 billion for the week since the last year’s publication. The results were roughly in line with estimates: revenue of $3.5 billion was reported and earnings per share were $1.87.

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Powell encourages | Fundamental analysis

Against the background of the coronavirus spreading slowdown, as well as encouraging comments from the Head of the US Federal Reserve Jerome Powell and increasing liquidity, the US stock indices are updating their highs, for example, the S&P 500 made 3374.38 p. by 18.30 GMT yesterday, for the parent instrument - 3375.64 p. In yesterday’s speech, Jerome Powell said that his agency would continue to buy treasury securities in the second quarter - the earlier positive market was associated with the period until April. Also, Powell said that there was no reason to adjust interest rates. A large number of traders expect that the interest rate can be changed no sooner than July 2020.

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Review Of U.S. Economic Data Release.

Investors will receive another positive fact about the health and well-being of the American economy when the Department of Commerce publishes its January retail sales data. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg expect an increase of Retail Sales by 0.3% in January. Main Retail Sales volumes, excluding the volatility in the automotive and gas industries, are projected to increase by 0.3%.

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Market Overview | Fundamental Analysis

Quarantine in China is beginning to show results.
Chinese health officials report that the number of new infections of coronavirus over the weekend has dropped significantly as intensive measures are being taken to limit its spread. The latest reports show a total of 71,200 cases and 1,775 deaths so far, most of them at the virus’s origin, Hubei. There were 2009 new cases on Sunday last week, down from 2,641 the day before and 142 deaths. A total of 50 cases of infection and 4 deaths were reported worldwide. How the virus will hit the Chinese economy is not yet known, although Chinese authorities say there will be no consequences, China’s economy will be able to cope with the problem. But some analysts say that we should expect a slowdown in economic growth from 6% to 4-5% per annum.

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Monday’s Results And Coronavirus Impact | Fundamental analysis

The acceleration of coronavirus proliferation outside China is shocking to global financial markets. Gold, as a safe haven in times of volatile geopolitical situations, renews its seven-year highs. The yields on ten-year United States Treasuries fell to 2016, and the German bond curve repeats previous sessions, closing with a fall.

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The Fed urgently cuts the interest rate. Again. | Fundamental analysis

The Fed reduced interest rate to almost zero, started buying bonds again and applied other measures of its anti-crisis list, involved world central banks in supporting the global economy, which is declining because of the coronavirus. In the short term, the negative effects of the coronavirus will harm economic activity and are also a risk to economic growth. The US regulator lowered the key interest rate range to 0.00-0.25% and added that it intends to increase the balance sheet by at least $700 billion this month. These measures will be active until the Fed is confident that the U.S. and global economies have withstood the negative effects of the coronavirus and that the economy is on track to achieve maximum employment and price stability. The U.S. Federal Reserve System has called on world banks to use the trillions of dollars in liquid assets they have accumulated since the last economic crisis to lend to businesses and households.

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USD/CAD | US Dollar to Canadian Dollar Trading Analysis

The employment rate in Canada grew stronger than expected in June:

  1. The employment rate is +952900 vs. +700 thousand expected, pre. +289600;
  2. Unemployment rate 12.3% vs. 12.1% projected, pre. 13.7%;
  3. Full-time employment +488100 vs. pre. 13.7% 3. +219400;
  4. Partial employment +464800 vs. pre. +70300;
  5. Employment 1.8 million below the February level
  6. Hourly wage of employees with permanent employment +6.8% vs. +8.9% expected;
  7. Labor-force participation rate 63.8% vs. pre. 61.4%.

Since the labor-force participation rate before the pandemic was about 65.5%, it is safe to add another 1.5% to the unemployment rate. However, the overall labor market situation in Canada is moving in the right direction.

USD/CAD | US Dollar to Canadian Dollar Trading Analysis - PAXFOREX

Trading Analysis of Apple
The European Court of Justice overturned the decision of the European Commission in 2016 to recover a record €13 billion fine from Apple for violating European tax rules and state subsidies.

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ETH/USD Forecast Fundamental Analysis | Ethereum / US Dollar

Data published by Ethereum mining pool Sparkpool revealed a sharp increase in the daily profitability of miners. It rose from $1.85 per MH/s to $3.27 before retreating to around $3.00. Demand for decentralized finance (DeFi) apps contributed to the increase. Enthusiasts should remain cautious as the total computing power for Ethereum remained stable near 190 PH/s.

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USD/JPY | US Dollar to Japanese Yen Trading Analysis

USD/JPY got under pressure at the beginning of the North American session on the back of falling yields of the treasuries. The USA today published quite good data on production orders and ISM New York activity index. A separate report showed the growth of the economic optimism index IBD/TIPP rose to 46.8 from 44. However, the lack of progress in negotiations on a new coronavirus aid package is putting pressure on the market sentiment. At the moment, the yield of 10-year Trader’s Markets is trading at 6.8%, while the yield of 5-year Trader’s Markets has dropped by 9%.

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NZD/USD | New Zealand Dollar to US Dollar Trading Analysis

NZD/USD currency pair closed the trading week near 0.6600. The pair is traded above the upper boundary of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Cloud. It indicates that there is a bullish trend for NZD/USD. This trading week, the pair is expected to grow and test the upper bound of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo near the level of 0.6730. Traders should expect the pair’s attempt to rebound and further growth with a target near 0.6815.

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Monthly Report of Daily Trading Technical Analysis for half of August 2020


Today we would like to share with you an interim performance report of our signals for the first half of August 2020.

Half of August turned out to be profitable for the currency market. The stock market has also borne fruit, but most of the trades remain active, in-the-money, and waiting for their Take-Profit.

The stock market is reaching its previous highs and promises good profits. Now we provide a detailed report on income in financial markets:

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How to Invest in a Bear Market - Guide 2020

Trouble does not come alone: the coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented problems in the world economy, the consequences of which people around the world will feel over the next few years. The new economic crisis announced by the International Monetary Fund could be the biggest and most severe since the Great Depression of the 1930s. And the date and consequences of its end are almost impossible to predict, as the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing.

The decline in stocks and the collapse of the oil market, the depreciation of major world currencies are by no means all the consequences of a global pandemic of the Chinese virus. Still, traders can take advantage of bear market investing in the assets that have hit bottom and will definitely recover. Learning how to trade in bear market is vital for everyone who wants to take care of the investment portfolio and get lucrative profits from the falling market.

In this article, we will learn what a bear market is, how to differentiate it from a bullish one, as well as how to trade in bear markets using different types of assets.


How to Trade Using a Forex Currency Strength Meter - Guide 2020

Did you know that the strength of a currency pair can be measured? Did you know that the obtained parameter can significantly increase the percentage of profitable trades? Many believe that the main task of a trader and the key to his successful trading is his ability to predict the market trend. As we know, the direction of the currency market is determined by the struggle of currencies. The market is moving towards a stronger currency instrument. A trader can measure the strength of currencies by using a simple Currency Strength Meter.

This very indicator is designed in such a way that it shows the weak and strong currencies at any outlined period of time, displaying that with the help of a matrix. Implementing a currency strength meter in your trading analysis gives you one more handy gear that will increase your odds of becoming a flourishing trader.

So, today we will provide valuable insight into the nature of the currency strength, including the correlation of the different currencies. Also, you will learn how to use the correlation matrix in order to improve your trading results, as well as how to benefit from the currency strength meter. Get some coffee and let’s get started.

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General Electric | Fundamental Analysis

J.P. Morgan analyst Stephen Tusa has, in recent years, been the most ardent advocate that General Electric shares should not be bought. He foresaw numerous GE mistakes, regularly pushing the bank’s clients to sell GE shares. When his forecasts were accurate, Tusa was widely recognized by investors, and his analytical notes started to induce large fluctuations in the price of GE shares.


How to Trade the News - News-based Trading Strategies

Political and economic news is a powerful source of fluctuations in global financial markets. Even rumors about such events as dropping interest rates of central banks, lawsuits of governments, and large corporations, a sharp rise of inflation and unemployment, or worsening of the international situation invariably cause indignation on exchanges.


NZD/USD Forecast Fundamental Analysis | New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar

The New Zealand Trade Balance for August was reported at -NZ$353M monthly and at NZ$1,340M 12-month year-to-date. Forex traders can compare this to the New Zealand Trade Balance for July, reported at NZ$447M monthly and at NZ$50M 12-month year-to-date. Exports for August were reported at NZ$4.41B and Imports at NZ$4.76B. Forex traders can compare this to Exports for July, reported at NZ$5.04B, and to Imports, reported at NZ$4.59B.

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