Exchange recommendation

Welcome everyone recently as I know lots of people are investing in bitcoin, my self I have few bitcoins and recently I wanted exchange one of them unfortunately I have came a cross a really big percentage of exchanging bitcoin into cash and I didn’t want to do it. I have asked my friend what would be the best solution and to who sell it to if that the option. My friend have told me the best option its to use the website he have been using recently, as I really wanted to exchange my btc into cash I went into that website and I have texted the support if my situation can be resolved without high percentage, I have waited a bit of time and I got a message back that it wont be a problem and we can resolve your issue. The operation went smoothly and I have received my cash into my account. I can recommend to anyone this website as its the best I have seen.

The name of the website its

Hmmm. :thinking: First time I heard about them? :open_mouth: How long have you been with them? :blush: I would suggest people stick to the big and more established names, but it’s great also if this works for you. :blush:

That website, if correct, is advertising darknet web hosting. I would not interact with this website. I would not do anything with this website related to fiat money or crypto.

There are plenty of alternative websites that will allow you to exchange your BTC for cash. Where in the world do you live?

in general, if you work only with services that have no problems and delays with the exchange, because no one needs it, which means you do not need to choose a no-name services for your work

Hi and welcome,
This stinks of a scam to me. Forum members beware. Why have you come onto our forum and what can we do to help you in achieving what you want?