Excited to start learning more about FX

Hellurrr. Cliford is my name from South Africa and I’m new in trading and hope to learn everything on trading. I have been run up and down searching for someone to guide me through the trading journey and thank to babypips.com for offering just guidance. I’m very proud to tell you’ll that I’m still reading the ‘preschool’ course level.

Stay with it and realize its a marathon, not a sprint.
Write this down in your journal: Don’t over-leverage yourself.

Try with every ounce of being you possess to stick to those 4 words. If you can, your 95% ahead of everyone else and will make it in the long run, rather than just burn bright for a few months and then fizzle out.

I think you need to learn it from the School option of Babypips. Its the best way to start learning about Forex, as they provides you the basic knowledge of Forex, and take you to the advanced one.