Expert Advisor in MT4 Issue?

Good day all. I posted this in the Newbie section and haven’t gotten any ideas yet, so I’ll try posting it here.

I’m new to expert advisors in MT4 and am getting strange results when I test them. In every EA I’ve tested it give me a backwards buy/sell signal most of the time time. I go through and look at the chart and am scratching my head. I’ve tried the two that come with MT4 (Moving Avg and MACD Sample), along with 4 others that I have downloaded from various places.

Am I doing something wrong? :confused:

Maybe while you are waiting you could have a look through
this website.

MetaQuotes Language 4 - MQL4

or click help > mlq community at the top of the metatrader

This EA is totally opposite.

Well, we were talking about Expert Advisors in some other thread, I�m still uncertain as of which is better, or if they even work at all, I have received very mixed advice about this matter. I�ve been looking at different websites, right now I�m on this one: MT4 Experts Advisor�s Blog I hope it can be of some use for you, since the EA you have now seems to be broken.

Anyone here know which sub forums on this babypips that talking for modifying EA??
I need someone to compile my EA for free. its powerful EA because i can got $3 per night, just spend 3-4hours. Its work in 4 decimal broker in liteforex.

Do you need to have it compiled or written?