Facebook Cryptocurrency

Facebook definitely has it, billions of users just saw an interview on Fox News that claims this could be quite big news in payment processing. Bigtime for local third world currencies as well.

Ticks me off because I reject anything or anyone on facebook, would be better if eBay or another were to take charge, not Amazon.
Facebook money is good for marketing facebook. https://cryptolinks.com/facebook-cryptocurrency It would be best if Bitcoin continued to be the premier leader in the crypto money area. It deserves it, being the first to immutably solve the double spending problem and only fully open money, with a decentralized ledger and no allegiance to any nation or corporation.

its a good summary , thanks

Yes, it is better when money is not controlled by an nation or cooperation like bitcoin. So the facebook Libra is a threat to bitcoin. Why cant Mark allow us to enjoy bitcoin in full.

There’s a lot that can be said about the Facebook cryptocurrency libra. Some hate it, some love it. More importantly it probably creates an entirely new class of coins that has never been seen before, a corporate coin so to speak. Libra will definitely impact the market one way or the other. What it’s ultimate impact on Bitcoin will be is tough to say from a price perspective. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.