FACILE TRADING, a place of forex related education and signals. call it baby babypips

Hi, my name is Teddy from South Africa. I have been in the forex industry for over a year now and I can confidently say I finally found my footing in this industry. With that being said, I know how it feels to struggle in this industry and always battling with negative thoughts pushing you to quit, so I took it upon myself to give back by giving out free signals to whoever needs or wants them.

Ooooohhh. :open_mouth: Interesting! A lot of newbies here are looking for free signals. :sweat_smile: Haha. Will you be posting them here regularly? :smiley:

i will be posting them on my telegram channel, but since im a new user i cannot post the link here

Welcome to the community, Teddy. What time frame do you trade? Hope to hear more from you.

Thank you Z. I do multi timeframe analysis starting from the daily or the 4 hour down to the 1 hour depending on what pair I’m trading or looking, and I execute my trades on the 15 minutes timeframe.