Famous/best brokers

Hi everyone

Can you name some famous brokers for non US citizens? ( international/EU etc)

Can you also name famous broker For US Citizens? ( US only)


Don’t know if it helps, on myfxbook you can sort brokers by volume.
You’ll get a list of all the usual broker names they mention here and elsewhere.
Most of them are Australian brokers cause they arent affected by reduced leverage through ESMA.
Some of the biggest brokers i think are banks. IG is a london based broker since 1974… further you’ve got Saxobank.

I don’t know much about USA brokers as i am from Europe.
However i read from wallstreetbets alot of them are using RobinHood, supposedly they offer commission free trading on stocks. The difference is CFDs are banned in the USA and you got Option trading in return for that.

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Thanks mate, i will check on myfxbook and choose them by their volume as i think the volume will suggest the popularity of a broker as more volume more traders are choosing them.

In the US, check out the folowing FX platforms:

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I found Darwinex as the standard FCA broker . They usually provide monthly funding to talented traders. In addition, there are some other brokers who are also interested In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade :wink:

Cheers buddy, i was more looking for which brokers are used a lot by Euro traders and US traders, i am doing market research

Care to share what your market research has found?

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Do you want a regulated broker?

  • FXCM, for good and bad
  • Saxobank
  • Avatrade
  • IG Markets
  • Fx Pro
  • Plus500
  • EToro
  • Market for com
  • CMC
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Hey buddy I am doing a throughly research I will certainly share with you here once I complete it thanks

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Yes thank you regulated bikers yes

So woukd you say they are popular traders that international and EU residents join correct

I believe IC market and Vantage FX should join that list

Do you popular choice of brokers for US Traders?

Appreciate your engagement here buddy

IVarkets has decent volume I believe. Not sure about Vantage.

As for US brokers, @Pippo mentioned them above.

Famous/best brokers

The choices for US brokers is very limited.

  • Fx Pro
  • Plus500

those are the worst. 639 posts here and you dare to mention these crapbrokers. Do you get paid by them or do you have other serious issues?

I wish I got paid. Where do I sign up? :slight_smile:

I simply gave a list. No broker is immune to issues. Any broker on this list can be a crap broker if you blame the broker for your losses. Most regulated brokers will work out just fine.

Things have changed since last year. What happened with FxPro?

I found a great broker on the fondex platform and as well as I now there are lot of good brockers

Regarding EU brokers I can mention firms which have FCA license like Hotforex, Tickmill. The choice of US clients is mostly IB I guess.

thanks buddy, for US citizens, there isn’t much bigger choice, which brokers would you recommend for US citizens that offers decent leverage, allow EA, Hedging, etc?

Do you know good Broker for US traders that offer good leverage, allow EA , Hedging etc??

cheers buddy, they seems to be the good ones actually, what do you think of LQDFX which accepts US traders??

can you please tell me some brokers who are worldwide and they offer a minimun deposit of 1 dollars