FAP Turbo Support

Is anyone getting any support from the FAP Turbo crowd lately?

I have called every one of their support numbers - each of them several times and left a message each time. I cannot get phone nor email support from them and the robot will not longer register on my existing Demo Account. No one ever answers the phone - I always get a recorded message even during normal business hours.

Yeah, I’ve followed their instructions to the letter more than once and still no luck. Nothings changed on the account but the bot will no longer register itself.

This has to be the worst tech support experience of my life.

are you still having issues?

Asbolutely. The software refuses to register itself and I have tried several times according to their instructions. II’ve worked with computers and programming for 17 years now so I’m no dummy when it comes to installing software. There is some other issue and FAP Turbo only seems able to complain that it is not registered.

When I asked them to reset my account # it took them 7 days and 3 emails from me, but they did it, so keep trying :slight_smile:
Good luck.